The Five Best Places to Find Fan Fiction

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Looking for some new fan fiction to read? Check out these five great sites!


1) is, by far, the largest and most popular fan fiction site on the web. The site is divided into categories such as books, movies, TV shows, and games, and then further divided by fandom. Accounts are easy to create, stories are easy to upload, and fics are easy to browse through using the simple, yet effective search interface. Readers can narrow their fan fiction search by specifying genre, rating, language, length, character focus, and story status to make finding what they want simpler.


However, the sheer size of’s archive results in two major flaws. First, if you write fan fiction, your stories can get lost quickly amidst all of the other fics being posted. Even if you just published it a minute ago, your story might be pushed back to the third page by tomorrow. This can be quite discouraging for a writer. Second, the quality of the writing on is notoriously low. While there are millions of fics at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to find a good read.


2) is another popular fan fiction site. While nowhere near as big as, represents over 7,500 fandoms with nearly 200,000 fan fictions (as of July 2011) and is rapidly growing. The site is entirely non-profit, so there are no pesky ads on the site to distract you from reading. The search function is also incredibly effective, as it allows authors to add individual tags to their work. Because the site is fan-run, is constantly being tailored to fit your needs perfectly.


3) is a popular platform for showcasing all forms of art, from photography, to paintings, to films, to writing. Though the site has a broader focus, has a great fan fiction community. While it does not have the easy search interface of or, searching “[fandom] fan fiction” should pull up what you want to find. Often, artists also post paintings, music, or photos to accompany their written work. This site is special because the users truly treat fan fiction writing as an art.


4) is a blogging site that many writers use to publish fan fiction. While some only post a fan fic occasionally, others devote their entire blogs to their writing. Livejournal also allows users to form communities, pages that multiple members can post entries to. There are thousands of fan fiction communities for genres, fandoms, actors, and more. Livejournal’s simple search tool makes finding fan fiction communities and writers quick and easy.


5) While all of these sites are great, the best fan fictions are written by the dedicated fans. Often, those fans will start online forums or blogs devoted to sharing their work, getting personalized feedback, and even writing stories together. These communities allow for an intimacy that’s hard to get on more general sites like; on a forum, you can bounce ideas off of each other, hold contests, and run the place the way you want to. provides a growing list of these communities and archives that are devoted to a single fandom. If you’re looking for a more engaging fan fiction experience, the directory is a great place to start.


If you have a fan fiction source you’d like to share, leave a comment below!


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