Teaching Without Words

Catelyn is a 17 year old who loves to dance and her favorite subjects in school are English and Math.


The first time I walked into advanced hip-hop class I heard my favorite song playing. I instantly got excited that we were learning a dance to this, but as I looked on the floor I saw the teacher doing the dance. Mike, a 22 year old dancer, was absolutely amazing and when I saw him dance I knew that it would be a cool dance class to take, but little did I know that he would end up being the best teacher I ever had.

After that first hip hop class I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun it was and how much I wanted to go back next week. I could tell that Mike was a good teacher but I didn’t realize how much he had helped me. As weeks, months, and a year went by I had improved so much in hip-hop, which used to be my worst area of dance. Mike was a good teacher because he inspired us and motivated us without words. The way he danced and shared his love for dance was the reason that we all wanted to work so hard. It was so evident that he loves what he does and it inspired me to practice so that I could be like him. He was as much of a teacher as he was a role model to all of my friends and I. Also, the fact that he was young helped a lot when he taught us because he could relate to us and understood us. He never treated us like we were younger he treated us like we were all the same age. Also, he praised the people who were less experienced just as much as he did the most experienced. He really understood how to teach and that is why he impacted me and my dancing so much.

Mike had teaching down perfectly. He didn’t waste his time yelling or punishing the people that weren’t paying attention or talking too much, he just didn’t help them in class. He always knew the people who truly wanted to learn and his goal was to help them and make them better, and he definitely did. He is the reason that I made my high school dance team because without him I would have not been able to do hip-hop as well as I do it today. Even though I don’t take class from him anymore I will always remember Mike and what he has taught me. He will forever be the best and my favorite teacher.



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