Why Parents Should Never Reject Their Son or Daughter If They’re Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual

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I recently watched an episode of True Life on MTV called “I’m Trying to Be Straight” and felt the need to elaborate on common problems associated with parents not accepting their son or daughter for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual. In this episode ( Which can be read on: http://www.mtv.com/shows/truelife/episode.jhtml?episodeID=181191#moreinfo  ), a man and a woman try their best to put their innate interests behind and live the straight life. The man in this episode, Kevin, has decided to try and live as a straight man after his last boyfriend cheated on him and to mend his relationship with his devoted religious family. The woman in this episode, Melanie, felt the need to live the straight life when her disapproving, selfish mother stabbed her with a knife the moment she caught her daughter and another woman having sex. The parents of both of these individuals shocked, disgusted me, and upset me ( especially Melanie’s twisted, sick mother. I really don’t understand why Melanie’s mother did that to her own daughter! Stabbing someone is so much worse than having a child who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual. )

In some cases, parents reject their gay, lesbian, or bisexual son or daughter because of religion. These types of parents:

1.       Reject their gay, lesbian, or bisexual son or daughter

2.       Break contact with their gay, lesbian, or bisexual son or daughter.

3.       Cut their gay, lesbian, or bisexual son or daughter out of their lives.

4.       May go  far lengths like Melanie’s mother did on MTV’s True Life episode “I’m Trying to Be Straight”  

5.      Constantly criticize their son or daughter for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

6.      Force their son or daughter to be straight.

7.      Use the bible to try and modify their son or daughter by reading verses regarding how marriage is between a man and a woman and anything different from that will send those approaching love a different way to hell out loud to their son or daughter.

8.      Think there is a cure for making their gay, lesbian, or bisexual son or daughter turn straight.

9.      Feel that a therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or any other professional can magically turn their son or daughter straight.

10.  Obviously feel religion is more important than their own children.

11.  Make their gay, lesbian, or bisexual son or daughter feel ashamed of themselves.

12.  Are not good parents.

13.  Are negatively judged by teens, adults, and other parents.

14.  Need a reality check. ( Because there will always be gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in this world )

                                        Loving differently is not bad!

All parents should never reject their son or daughter if they’re gay, lesbian, or bisexual because:

1.      It shows they care more about religion than their own son or daughter.

2.      It’s unfair.

3.      The son or daughter of the disapproving parents might feel the need to change their orientation just to please their parents and not themselves.

4.      It will make the son or daughter of the disapproving parent feel depressed, alone, and un-loved.

5.      It’s not right for any parent to reject their son or daughter.

6.      It’s selfish.

7.      It hurts the son or daughter of the disapproving parents emotionally.


             No matter who you love, love is love.

In reality, no parent shall ever reject their children. So what if they’re gay, lesbian, or bisexual, it’s not harming anything or anyone physically. They’re not killing anyone or causing violence on their own terms. Some parents overreact and act like being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is as bad as killing. It really isn’t. Rejection is not part of being a parent, and those who reject their children were never a parent to begin with.

God loves everyone the way they are, even if they love differently. All of us were not made the same way for a reason. Accept your children the way they are, stop taking religion way too seriously to the point you’re going to reject your child for loving differently than what’s told in the bible, stop being delusional, stop thinking there is a cure for magically turning straight, stop thinking your child will go to hell, and love your child unconditionally because that’s the only thing your child wants from you. It will make you happier, your child happier, and will help make the world a more accepting place.


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