My Light, My Inspiration: My Grandma

Shammara is a pursuing journalist who enjoys fashion and believes everyone has a purpose in life.

For every tree to grow it needs someone to water it. In my case this person is my dearest grandmother. She is my light, my role model and most importantly my inspiration to succeed. My grandmother embodies everything I wish to portray as I grow wiser and more mature.

To everyone she is known as Patricia but to me she’s grandma. Her hardships and downfalls in life inspire me that to never give up. Raising five children, two girls and three boys, life was never one happy road. Alongside being a single mother my grandmother has matured and grown wiser over the years. She managed to successfully move out of the ghettos of Jamaica, to a lovely home in New York. Whenever I need a shoulder to cry on or somebody to raise my spirits, I can always count of my grandma.  I never have to second-guess the choices my grandmother makes for my family in myself because I know she has my best interest at heart.

When my father was absent for my birth, my grandmother was there. She has always been there to hold my hand through every important event I ever had. My love for my grandmother and the inspiring women she is, gives me something to move forward every day. As a teenager it’s always good to have a positive role model in your life because they drive your successes.  Being the first person in my family that will complete high school and move on to college, my grandma is the number one person who constantly reminds me that there is always something out there to reach for. When my mother and I had a fall out, my grandmother was benevolent enough to take me in and took care of me for a couple of months. It was then that our bond grew stronger.

Life is one long road with various turns and road bumps. Without proper guidance and motivation you may lose focus and get side tracked. I can thankfully say my grandmother is and will always be my GPS.

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