Best Articles This Week for Parents 8-5-2011

We are getting really excited for our book launch coming up, we have already got some great reviews, check it out:


A Great Testimonial For Our New Book:


Stop Fighting, Start Talking, and Get to Know Your Teen
By Van Petten, Vanessa


A 25-year-old “youthologist” offers firsthand insight to assist parents and children in building better relationships.

By the time Van Petten was ready to celebrate her Sweet Sixteen, she had already achieved success as the founder of, a website that curates parenting tips from teenagers. Building on the same formula that won her numerous accolades and skyrocketed sales of her two previously self-published titles, the author culls advice from teenagers and translates it directly into language parents can understand. “Some of the advice in this book you may not like,” Van Petten cautions parents in the introduction. This might be particularly true of the chapter entitled, “Risky Business: Smoking, Drinking, Sex and More,” in which the author adamantly states from the get-go, “Every teen will engage in ‘risky’ behavior.” Practical solutions on how to address issues ranging from chores to curfews, and even cyber bullying, can be found here, in addition to exercises for parents and their teens to improve family unity. Most effective is the author’s discussion of the distractions and difficulties presented by society’s increasing reliance on technology; she suggests enforcing electronic-free times and areas and engaging in family-wide discussions about what it means to be a good cybercitizen. Van Petten’s overarching message is that all teenagers are different, and regardless of their issues, most teenagers wish their parents would talk and listen to them more, not less.

A rational approach to defuse hand-to-hand combat parenting.”

Top Articles:


Whining, Unappreciative, Lazy Teens

What to do…advice from a teen.


Have you ever thought about how your actions can encourage or stop cycles and habits? Here is the science behind habit for parents of teens.

Articles by Teens:

Parents VS Facebook: Battling the Facebook Craze

Most parents today are dealing with their kids on Facebook, here is one teen’s take.

Teaching Without Words

In this article one of our teens talks about the power of learning through showing, not telling.

The Five Best Places to Find Fan Fiction

Fan fiction is very popular for teens right now. Here is the scoop and where to get the best for your teens.

Why Parents Should Never Reject Their Child If They’re Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual

This is a great article about how parents react to their children who come out of the closet.

Finalizing the List of Colleges

Are you a senior or junior or parent of a child going away to college? How do you narrow down that college list?

Peer vs Parent Influence

A frequent question we get from parents is whether or nto teens want their parents to be friends or authority figures. This teen talks about this big issue.

Articles by Guests:



I love this article about how families (even busy ones) can incorporate meditation into their routines and reap all the benefits.


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