Top 5 Vacation Ideas for Teens

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     Planning a much needed family vacation can be fun and exciting when mapping out things like where you will go and what you will do. However, it can be very stressful finding some common ground between what you as parents would like to do, and what your teenage kids desire to do. For example, parents may want to take a relaxing trip to the country where everything is simple and wifi is simply nonexistent; mean while your teenager may want to hit the beach everyday and still have the ability to stay connected to their virtual social life. Well, I have carefully thought out 5 Vacation ideas that not only your teen will love, but you parents can enjoy as well!

    In my opinion, Florida is one of the perfect family vacation destinations because it has something for every age group that could possibly exist in a family. Adults, teens, and youngsters! One of Florida’s biggest attractions though, is yes you guessed it, Walt Disney World. After all you are never too old to meet Mickey Mouse! Even so not to worry teenagers. Despite contrary belief, there is plenty more to do at Disney World and in Florida than meet fictional characters and go on kiddy rides. Disney not only has some tempting rides even adults will love, but water parks as well that the whole family can enjoy! After a day of the most magical place on earth, there is certainly a plethora of other things to do in Florida. You and your family can dine in style at any one of Florida’s star rated restaurants, or simply take some time to enjoy the breath taking view and weather. There is even something for the men in the family, like the beautiful upscale golf courses of Florida. Does it get any better than that?

    Do you desperately need a family vacation, but don’t want to break the bank? Well have I got good news for you! In my opinion Brigantine, NJ is one of the best kept secrets in the world of vacations. Brigantine is placed in a very convenient area if you enjoy things like fishing, kayaking, crabbing, or simply catching some waves. On my vacation to Brigantine, we rented a pretty fair priced shore house and stayed there for a week. We saved a decent amount of money by buying groceries and stocking the shore house fridge. That way five people did not have to eat out for every meal, which saved us a bunch and left more money for other vacation activities. Our house was one street away from the beach and the parents AND kids had fun. For example, on days when the parents would want to go fishing or do something quiet, or just spend some time alone, we teens would walk to the beach and tan, or go in the ocean, walk around town and go in little shops, grab a bite to eat, take a short drive down to Ocean City and walk he boardwalk, or just do our own thing. What a great way to stay close, have fun, and exercise your independence no matter what member of the family you are!

Are you and your family not necessarily the outdoorsy type and enjoy being wowed by good food, exciting places, and high fashion? Then New York City is a perfect spot for your next vacation! While it may not be the typical spot many choose for vacation because it’s not exactly the best place to “catch waves” NYC still has loads to offer, and you can always just go swimming in the hotel you are staying at if they have a pool! There is never a dull moment in the city that never sleeps. You and your family can go to the famous wax museum or any kind of historical museum, go to a musical on Broadway, go to a fashion show, eat any type of cuisine your craving, and go shopping of course! After all it is NYC! So if this trip sounds like its right up your ally, look into going to NYC for your next family vacation!

Ocean City, Maryland
   Ever since I was little, OC Maryland has been a frequent family vacation spot. On each trip it gets better and better! Not only is Maryland home to wonderful tasting sea food, it is also a great place to vacation if you enjoy crabbing, speed boating, going on the beach, walking the boardwalk, and much, much more! Maryland has exquisite crab houses you and your family can dine at, and gorgeous beaches to walk on. Go to a great musem while you’re there, or even take a walking tour of OC’s historic down town area. Even with all that keeping you busy, don’t forget to stop by and check Maryland’s famous Assateague’s wild ponies which are only nine miles from OC! Went I first saw the ponies when I was younger, it was a really great experience for me! I will always remember my trips to OC Maryland, and hope other people can have the same magnificent experiences I did!

Vacationing in Virginia was also a great experience for my family and I. There was so much to do, and when our few days were up it just didn’t seem long enough! In Virginia there is so many family activities to do that every age group can enjoy. On your trip you can dine at great restaurants, visit national and state parks, relax at spas, golf, visit  historical exhibits, have a blast at Virginia’s theme parks and zoo’s, play outdoor water sports, etc. There are so many exciting and active things to do in Virginia which is why it made my top 5 list! If you’re looking for a great family vacation to be treasured forever, Virginia is your destination! Oh did I mention their salt water taffy is to die for!?

In conclusion, this year when you and your family are struggling to find a place you can all enjoy for a family vacation, why not go to Florida, Brigantine, NYC, OC Maryland, or Virginia? Each place has their own ability of offering you and your family a good time! No matter where a family goes on vacation the most important thing is that they are spending time together and enjoying one another’s company. That being said though, it doesn’t hurt to visit a place like one of my top 5 vacation areas to jump start the fun a bit! Where ever you chose to go on your next family vacation please remember these three things. Have fun, enjoy your family, and be safe!!

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