SafeKidZone: Awesome Phone Safety Device for Teens

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When I was contacted by SafeKidZone to take a look at their product and mission I was so impressed! Basically, SafeKidZone is a technology that transforms any cell phone into an advanced safety device. I wish this had been around when I was a teenager–it would have definitely helped my mom sleep easier. Here is how it works:

You put a Panic Button on your child’s cell phone by downloading and installing the app. Then, if they are ever in danger, they activate it, instantly sending a text and email to their emergency contacts – you, their friends, and our 24/7 Response Call Center. The call center connects all to a live conference call and the child or teen is located by GPS. Here is the part I think is great, if needed, the emergency call is routed directly to the nearest 911 responder with your child’s GPS location and vital info. When you register for SafeKidZone they actually have a profile created for your child with their important medical information.

I can think of many ways where this could be life-saving:

  • Car Accident
  • Attempted sexual offense
  • Having to get home from an event or school alone
  • Car breakdown in a dangerous area
  • Attempted theft
  • Home alone
  • At school when threatened by classmates
  • Experiencing a medical problem
  • Lost or can’t find way home
There were also many times when I was a teenager when my parents did not want me to go somewhere because they were worried about the worst possible scenario. Many times I didn’t know how to make them feel calmer and I was unable to go. With SafeKidZone panic button I would have been able to reassure them that I was literally a button away from help just in case something were to go wrong.

Here are some parents and teens who have used the product and their experiences:

Parent of 14 year old female middle school child:

“With SafeKidZone I am able to have some additional reassurance that my child has the ability to press the panic bottom when they are not being supervised by an adult, such as going to school or coming home from school. I am also able to give my child some independence because of the extra support that the SafeKidZone program provides to my child. I am so appreciative of the opportunity to be part of the Gateway to Success, SafeKidZone project, it is an incredible opportunity. The safety of my child is the most important responsibility I have and the SafeKidZone phone provides that additional safety!”

Parent of an 12 year old special needs child:

“My child is a special needs child and isn’t always confident or secure while with his friends, at school, or away from his home. Since he has received the SafeKidZone phone I have observed his attitude and self esteem climb tremendously. He seems to feel more confident because he knows that at any time regardless where he is I am just a bottom away. The SafeKidZone phone allows him the independence that up to this point I had not been able to provide to him. Additionally, the SafeKidZone gives me the opportunity to let go of him slightly and gives me the support that I need to give him in order to further provide the safety nets for him. I am so appreciative of the SafeKidZone phone as this is the first time that I can let my child have some independence because the application is so easy, the set up is so user friendly and the process assures my child being safe or gives him the capability to recruit emergency assistance if he is presented with a dangerous situation, thank you for this SafeKidZone, I am so lucky to be part of the project!”

16 year old female student:

“I am a sophomore at a school in the Alhambra School District. I travel several miles to school and leave for school very early in the morning in order to get to class on time. The neighborhood that I travel through is very quiet and at times I feel very scared when it is still dark outside when I leave for school. The SafeKidZone phone gives me the security to know that my safety network is just a push of the bottom away. Since I have been given the SafeKidZone phone I have not been scared or late to school and I am even able to stay after school and catch the late bus because my parents are confident that I have that additional protection. Thanks to my counselor for submitting my name and to the Gateway Program for giving me the opportunity to participate in the SafeKidZone Project I am more at ease when I am outside of my home and my parents feel that I am better protected because of the SafeKidZone, Thank you for this opportunity and for making my life a little easier.”

I am very proud to have SafeKidZone as our sponsor this week and hope you will take a look at some of their options and products to keep your family safe.

Sponsor of the Week: SafeKidZone

SafeKidZone protects your child when you can’t be there! If they have an accident, are lost or scared, if they’re being bullied or find themselves in any type of danger, your child can summon help within seconds with the push of a Panic Button on their cell phone. Friends, family, neighbors and 911 will be mobilized to protect your child. The 24/7 Call Center sends the GPS location of your child with their photo and all their vital information to the nearest emergency responders – SafeKidZone is the only service of its kind with this feature. You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is protected at the push of a button! Also like SafeKidZone on Facebook and get a 15 day free trial!

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  1. Karen
    August 8, 2011 at 11:22 pm #

    Wish I’d had this when I was a teen. But then we would have needed to have cell phones first! All kidding aside, this is a great service!

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