Five steps to help your teen take care of their skin

hygiene, face wash, acne, teen acne, skin, teen health Lori Ferraro is the author of the blog where she writes about her life long obsession with make up and her past obsessions with big hair and boys.


Acne stinks. My skin used to be bad – really bad.

It was probably my junior year of high school when my flare ups went from pimples to full blown acne. I of course tried anything and everything over the counter to make those awful zits disappear. I was like a soldier headed off to battle with my teenage skin. And I was going to win, no matter what the price was.


Noxzema, Buf-Puf’s, Sea Breeze, and Stridex Pads each burned, buffed, and blasted many layers of skin off my poor teenage face.


If I could go back to my sixteen year old self, here are some kinder, gentler products and words of wisdom I would give to young Lori:


Don’t be so harsh.

Dousing your skin with harsh, drying chemicals like alcohol is not going to get rid of your acne. It will leave you with pimples that are not only red and angry, but flaky and peeling as well. Pretty! If you are buying over the counter products I highly recommend Neutrogena’s entire anti-acne skin care line, especially their Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Wash and Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. It is gentle yet tough, and clears breakouts and blackheads – and it smells fantastic!


Wear sunscreen.

I know everybody tells us that and it is such common sense, but my young self sure didn’t listen to that advice. And good God, I lived in Florida! I would slather myself in Crisco and lay on the roof of my house. Guess what? That is not a good idea. When I went back for my twenty year high school reunion you could definitely tell who still lived there and who got out after graduation. Not only did the lifetime Floridians look bronze, some of them looked–and I hate to say this– old. That is what sun damage can do to you, and who wants that? Not me! So wear sunscreen, especially on the sensitive skin on your face. Any good daily moisturizer contains SPF, so get yourself some.


Don’t go to bed with your make up on.

Talk about pore clogging! Don’t do it. Enough said.


Prepare for the future.

My mom was fanatical about her skincare regime. When I was a little girl, I would lie on my parent’s bed and watch her nightly routine of cold cream, lotions, and potions. It stuck with me, and all through high school and college I took the time to take care of my skin. And I think it was worth it, as people tell me my skin looks good today. Thanks Mom.


See a dermatologist.

If you have acne that just isn’t being helped by products you can buy at the drugstore, see a doctor. Sometimes the problem can’t be solved by any scrub, wash, or cream you buy at the store. Let a professional prescribe something that will get to the root of that evil zit. It is the best thing my teenage self ever did.


There are a million things in your teenagers life that they can stress out over. Follow these easy steps and skin care won’t be one of them.


Lori Ferraro is the author of the blog where she writes about her life long obsession with make up and her past obsessions with big hair and boys.

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  1. Marlene Elliott
    August 8, 2011 at 3:53 am #

    I would add drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, stay off the sugar, stay off the fried foods, get exercise that makes you sweat, and do something to relax like yoga or meditation or martial arts. My son is 16 and he can tell a BIG difference in the number of pimples he has based on how much water he drinks and how much sugar he eats. He does not drink sugar drinks because he can’t “afford” to skin-wise. Any reason to stay off them seems like a good reason to me.

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