8/12/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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I am so excited to announce that we are giving away a free copy of my new book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded!

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My teens and I worked super hard putting the book together and in it you will hear advice and anecdotes that are VERY different from your average parenting book. The book releases August 30, 2011 and if you would like a free copy see details for our contest here.

Top Articles:

Teens Who Can’t Feel: Empathopenia
Teen bullies and the decreased empathy; one explanation on the recent cyberbullying epidemic.

Does Your Teen Self-Sabotage?
Two ways teens self-sabotoge and how we can help them to stop.

10 Ways to Make Life With Your Parents Easier
The hip teen girl magazine, Justine, recently published one of Vanessa’s articles.

Articles from Guests:

Five steps to help your teen take care of their skin
Blogger Lori Ferraro of onceuponaproduct.com gives some helpful tips to keep our teen’s skin clean and acne free.

Great Article by Family Man Gregory Keer about playing with his son and learning how texting can actually improve communication.

Articles from Teens:

What Does Your Teen Think?
A teen’s view on today’s world.

Change: Take it or Make it
A privileged teen realizes that his comfortable life is not the norm for everyone in his community.

First Impressions With Other Teens
4 tips for teens on making a good impression while meeting new people this summer.

Moonstruck Teens
The obsession with warewolves, vampires and wizards is more than just teen trends, it’s scientifically linked to the teen brain.

Top 5 Vacation Ideas for Teens
Finding common ground amongst siblings and parents alike can be difficult when choosing a vacation spot, but this list has you covered.

Preparation is the Key
One of the most important pieces of advice a parent can give to their child.

“I Wish I Could Change My…”: Four Ways to Stop Negativity and Improve Your Teen’s Self Image
TV and mass media has made positive teen self-esteem a bigger challenge. Here are some ways to encourage healthy self and body image in your teen.

My Light, My Inspiration: My Grandma
How a grandmother can help guide and inspire a teen.

A.D.D: From a Non-Medical Perspective
A non-clinical look at the difference between life with and without ADD.

When the Cam Clicks: Living in the Moment or in Photos
With digital cameras readily available and the incessant need to post as many cool pictures on Facebook, it is easy to get lost in the photos instead of the actual memories.

What do Teens Think About the World?
Monique wrote a great guest post for one of our blogger friends on a teen’s outlook on the world.

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