The Teen Appeal of Teen Wolf: MTV goes from reality shows to scripted masterpiece

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If you are an 80’s fan and think this is another horrible remake well, don’t let the name make you turn away, it’s not the 80’s movie at all. It doesn’t follow the normal werewolf supernatural plot, it’s not cliché but its not romanticized. In a supernatural way it is relatable to teens. Scott McCall has things to get through in high school like all us one of those thing happen to be being a werewolf.

Teen wolf is all about Scott McCall a normal teenage boy till him and his best friend Stiles Stilinski go in the woods and Scott gets bite by something big and furry. Scott isn’t too worried until the next day at school when his class and he can hear the new girl Allison talking to her mom…from outside the school. He finds it a little troubling, but again isn’t too worried. After school it’s time for lacrosse tryouts and Scott hopes to make first line. Now, he’s not the best player and Jackson the team captain and the resident mean guy is ready to bring him down, but with Scott’s new abilities he makes the first line easily, which doesn’t make Jackson too happy. He tells Stiles about the weird things that have been going on, who then goes online and does some research. Meanwhile Scott is in the process of asking Allison out. Although there might be a problem with this when Stiles thinks he knows what wrong with Scott…..HE COULD BE A WEREWOLF. When Scott hears this, he laughs it off and goes to pick up Allison. Things happen that aren’t very good and Scott soon believes he might be werewolf, he goes to Derek Hale who is a werewolf by birth for help (reluctantly). Derek isn’t very helpful at first but he soon helps Scott out a lot.

When I first heard that MTV was going to remake Teen Wolf I was a little iffy, as a fan of the 80’s movie I wasn’t thrilled at all, that was until I watch the pilot. The writers of the show came up with a completely different story line than the movie. The only things that they took from the movie were the names of two main characters, Scott and Stiles. Everything else comes from the main writer Jeff Davis’ mind. Davis said in an interview about the show that he wanted to make it a little bit sexier and darker than the original movie. Davis has created what seems to be an 8 hour movie and made it into a 12 episode show that keeps you on your toes every week. At least once every episode I think I know what’s going on, then BAM a twist I didn’t see coming. Now writing can only go so far, if the actors can make the people watching the show understand what the writers are trying to express then it won’t work. The cast does this job amazingly. These lovely people are Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Colton Haynes and newcomer Dylan O’Brien. These six actors and actresses are super talented and good looking, too.  The chemistry between them is super amazing and can be seen every week and when they do interviewers together.

Parents, this show is on MTV so that should tell you that it’s not going to be a great show for little ones. I think the right age to watch this would be 13 and older. There are some adult themes and some alcohol use, a good amount of violence and the werewolves might scare some kids. If you don’t feel like it is a good show for your child to watch, maybe watch an episode yourself first (you might get addicted to it yourself) to make sure. And it’s on a little late, but it’s summer so maybe you can let it slide.

The show has come to an end, but you can catch up on it on the 14th on MTV. It will be showing all 11 episodes to get everyone ready for the finale that Monday at 10:00 pm. Don’t worry fans the show has been picked up for a 2nd season. But we will have to wait till next July to see it. Fans, you can get over the pain of this by watching all the episode of season one online and going on your favorite fan site to talk about with other fans.

MTV did a good job with this show, Teen Wolf is scripted which is a big change for them. I love that they are trying to do a good drama and not a dumb comedy. The best part is Teen Wolf has open doors for the other scripted shows like Awkward. The show is a great combination of humor and horror. If you like sexy dramas with supernatural beings and great cliffhangers, then Teen Wolf is the show for you.

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