8/19/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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We have released our first chapter of my next book:

Sneak Peek: First Chapter Released!
Book Giveaway: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded!

P.S- We are also Looking for U.K. Interns! We are seeking new interns from the UK for a new and exciting project…let us know if you know any UK based teens!

Top Articles:

How to Tell When Your Teen Is Lying to You
Do you know when your kid is being honest? Here are a few helpful hints.

Interview About Our Website at Starterly

Articles from Guests:

Co-parenting: Achieving a Working Relationship after Divorce
Dad blogger Dave Armstrong gives tips on how to continue communicating with your once-partner about your child after the marriage ends.

Is Your Teen Trustworthy? How Can You Tell?
Researcher Nancy Darling from Psychology Today examines the delicate balance between trusting your child and blindly trusting too much.

Articles from Teens:

Top 10 Things Parents Will Never Say to Their Teens
A humorous rebuttal to a previous post on the top things you’ll never hear teens say to their parents.

Coming to terms with Anorexia
A comprehensive guide for parents on dealing with a child suffering from anorexia.

The Teen Appeal of Teen Wolf: MTV goes from reality shows to scripted masterpiece
A breakdown of the new MTV show Teen Wolf, gives insight into why teens are still obsessed with this trend of vampires and werewolves.

The Struggle of Siblings
A middle child analyzes the sibling struggle from both perspectives, as an older and younger sister.

Traveling with a Teenager
How to have the most enjoyable vacation with your family when traveling with your teens.

Troubled Teens: The Top 8 Problem Areas
How to help your teen with difficult issues from pregnancy to smoking to depression.

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