Virtual Worlds: The Best Ones, When Do You Grow Out of One and Into Another

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You go from being a teeny bopper in Tiger Beat to an aspiring teenager in Seventeen to a woman in Cosmopolitan. When you are born you wear Gymboree then you begin school with Limited Too to wearing short shorts and low cut tops from Hollister to being presentable for an interview being classy yet chic in Ann Taylor. From the comic sections on the newspaper to actually reading the newspaper, cartoons and then shows about people and their lives. We grow older, our interests change and we find ourselves doing things we thought we should never do or understand and once we grow older we do things that we think younger people should never do or understand.

The Virtual World is its own place; here is a list of popular websites based on interests and demographics.

Fashion: You see the gaming cards in grocery stores and in best buy, stardoll is the most popular dress-up website out there This site is a dream for girls who just love fashion and fantasizes about owning a line and having their own boutique. Here you can design fashions and accessories with its editor and design your storefront in your own boutique. You can also sell your virtual clothes with the site’s currencies and buy new pixilated clothes to bedazzle even more.

Now suppose the little fashionista grows up. In here you can create sets of clothes and pictures compiled together making it look like a page in a magazine. You will find out about the newest brands, trends, and celebrities. Like the magazine? Here’s the website to go to. It has everything to keep you updates with beauty and trends.

Chats and Avatars: Games and you get to be a virtual penguin and waddle around and pretend with like a million other kids. It’s like the cleanest and safest place on the web, everyone there is like an internet police and they encourage you to be an internet police-slash-snitch so it’s impossible to curse with their filters even if you get creative with it plus if you make something with a slight inappropriate undertone, hah good luck on the ban. Ah, we all grew up with neopets. You get a virtual pet. You can a virtual pet for your virtual pet. You can buy foods, toys, and clothes. You can play games, battle, and have a virtual home. You can even buy and sell and mess around with the stock market.

Now the kids are more interested in having a second set of friends on the internet!

GaiaOnline: You have your own avatar you get to dress up as creatively as you like. You get to go around in town or go on forums to chat. Like GaiaOnline

Games:,, and Has extremely fun free non-downloadable online flash games. You burn so much time there without realizing it.

Now for the people who are really interested in video games and aren’t just ‘casual gamers’ there are mmorpgs (mass multiplayer online role playing game) All of them you have to download, some you have to pay, some are free. There are a lot out there and could be found easily through the power of google.

World of Warcraft: Most popular one, your son, nephew, cousin, brother, or even your husband or anyone you know has probably played this.

Maple Story: Extremely cute game with cute monsters and cute graphics. It’s 2d and you can do a lot of things there like fight, dress up, chat, and get married.

Art: A place to post your art and let the world see and comment. You can even sell it. A good graduation from finger painting.

Funny, interesting miscellaneous websites:
All funny an clever and a good read, *warning* might be clean to very raunchy though.

Popular Websites:
Can’t have a list of good sites to go to without the ones everyone goes to

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