Change the World One Teen at a Time

Emily Lundberg is a creative 13 year-old who loves to cook, go to the beach, and volunteering at her local animal shelter.

Volunteering is an activity most teens will have to participate at some point whether it is to fill school requirements, to add experience to their resume, or just to gain the satisfaction of making a difference. Nowadays you do not even have to leave your home to volunteer thanks to websites such as The variety is endless and this article will touch on just a few ways to get involved in charities and what motivates teens to do so.

Donating time to your community is a great way to meet new friends and gain work experience. Try discussing with your teen what types of work they would be interested in doing and here are some examples to offer them. My local animal shelter has a youth club and does interviews for anyone ages 13-17 who is interested. If your teen loves animals then contacting your local rescue to ask what they offer is a great way to get them involved in your community. Other options include helping out a disability ranches and camps, hospitals, or food pantries. By encouraging your teen make a difference you are giving them experiences they can use to motivate others at their school.

Unfortunately, age is a very important factor when finding the ideal job, so it does take some research finding places that allow those who are underage. A website I recommend is which is the best online resource I’ve found. Everything on there is truly inspiring and should help your teen to see how they can change the world. For example, they have an address to mail anonymous letters to soldiers through an organization that normally only accepts bundles. This is simply done on our own time and is perfect for teens that enjoy writing and/or are too young for other opportunities. is also incredible because it helps you improve in skills such as basic math and vocabulary while donating 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. It is so easy anyone can do it!                                                                                                               Personally, I volunteer for the satisfaction of knowing I have potentially impacted a life – animal or human.  There are also many other factors that contribute to why I, and my friends are motivated. For example, it will look great on college applications and with the intense competition these days that is almost reason enough. Plus, if it is structured like a hospital or shelter then we get work experience for our resumes. Sometimes I will either go out and volunteer or play free rice just to have something meaningful to do. I must admit I don’t do that much but, every little thing counts as does every person who is aware of the change they can create.

With the multitude of volunteering opportunities available today finding something your teen will enjoy is relatively simple. All it takes is making an account on website at best, and contacting a few organizations at worst. They do not even have to change their lifestyle just their attitude. Through the process you are teaching them how to be compassionate for other living creatures. You will also be helping to change the world one teen at a time.


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