What I Wish An Older Sister Had Told Me


Monica is a senior from the Bay Area, California. She loves playing video games, reading fantasy, listening to rap, and doing pretty much anything that works together to highlight her individuality.


Dear Monica,

I’m from the future. I know, it’s crazy, right? I would have come back in time to see how things were going with you and to change some things around in your life, but that would be messing with our current timeline, which would cause you in the future to not write this message, which could mess things up even more, and on and on. So, we’ll keep it at a simple letter.

You struggled your last few weeks of eighth grade, didn’t you? Yeah, I know it was bad. But here’s the truth, and only because I love you: It’s going to get worse. You’re going to struggle again in a few months for a few months, and after that, you will struggle just like you did to get out of the eighth grade. Here’s some good news, though: You’re going to make it out of high school too. By the logic I’ve seen so far in your life, I’m going to say that you’ll (I’ll) make it out of undergrad years and your(my) grad years the same way even though I hope to see a change. Maybe, if you read this, since I didn’t get a chance to, you can change things around for yourself. Let me give you the specific advice I wish I had.

1. There is no one you should stay away from. Keep yourself open, even when it seems like you shouldn’t, and especially when people tell you to “stay away from her.” You should and are going to hear this every year until your senior year.

2. If you keep up that same altruistic spirit that you’re going to have freshman year, you’re going to overwhelm yourself. You’re not going to do well in school for a while other than just barely passing what you needed to pass. You will endear people to your causes though, and every person you meet will be willing to stand up for you even if you don’t want her to. Don’t let them. Keep growing.

3. Here’s some more on friendship. You’ll be anxious in a little more than a year because you won’t have any good friends to start your year off with. You’ll be at a disadvantage among all of your classmates. At the beginning of the year, you will find the best person you need for yourself at that time, and you have every right to become as attached to her as possible. Don’t self pity because at the very end you will find someone else who you will begin to devote your life to. Keep up your deep devotion to your friends. This is why people love you.

4. I know you hate balance, but you will learn to balance your personality and best traits very harmoniously. You’ll learn to be a bit more mysterious and not talk every time there is a pause in the action. You will learn to allot necessary time to relationships, school, and volleyball. Yes, you do keep playing volleyball. There are some amazing surprises along the way, with the best at the end. Sadly, you gave up dance and you will not recover the amount of physical balance you once had.

5. Every single thing you will struggle through and cry at is going to pass and make way for the most amazing times in your life. Your senior year is something to really cry at. The entire year will be the best time of your life.
You’ll ignore my advice and my praises, but since no one else told you what you needed to hear the way you needed to hear it, I was happy to. Maybe next time I’ll get to you a little earlier.

Oh, another good piece of news? You almost completely reinvent yourself for the better.

Take care,


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