8/26/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Guess what!? We are going on the Today Show next Tuesday morning August, 30th the same day as our book launch!

Our Publisher’s Weekly Review was also just released! Check out this review of our latest book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?

Top Articles:

5 Most Common Parent-Kid Fights and How to Stop Them
Parent readers will be familiar with these common fights, but perhaps we can offer some new solutions.

5 Things Every Teen Wants Their Parent to Know
A useful guide to every parent trying to improve their relationship with their teen.

20 Most Obnoxious Things Teens Say
We wrote an article for Barnes and Noble for our new book.

Also check out our Sparkling Kids Interview!

Articles from Guests:

Are We Sharing Too Much Information Online?
Judge Tom Jacobs gives four horrific examples that lead him to believe that yes, we are sharing too much information online.

Articles from Teens:

Back To School On A Budget: Teaching Your Teens To Thrift
How to take advantage of the thrift trend and save money on back to school clothes, books and supplies.

Take a look: Parent’s Role in Teen Confidence
The teen years can be filled with the most insecurity, but with good parenting you can help your teen increase their confidence and hold on to it.

Religion and Teenagers
How religious teens can influence their high school and communities.

COLLEGE: Stop Stressing it!
What’s truly important about the college experience– it may not be what you think!

Teen Poetry: Mirror Image
A teen perspective on teen identity and insecurity in a different medium.

How NOT To Handle a Divorce
The three most common mistakes parents make with their teens when going through a divorce.

Violent Video Games: Not a Scapegoat for Teen Violence
Violent video games may lead to warning signs but do not make bullies or killers out of teens.

The Compassion Child: Balancing Your Call to Parenthood and Your Call To Ministry
True life experiences and advice to missionary families from a missionary teen.

Check out our new book: Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?

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