Bidding Adieu To Harry Potter

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I remember the time when I saw the first Harry potter movie when I was just eight! Harry potter, a mere character who came from the mind of a lady named J.K. Rowling, became such a big part of my life that even after reading the last book I wanted more. I wanted more of Harry Potter!


My best friend and I would make up stories as how J.K Rowling could progress the story ahead. But Alas! Now the time has come when we have to say goodbye to the thrill giving Wizard. The last Harry Potter movie, which was released last month, has left everybody who grew up reading the books and watching the movies devastated. Harry potter was a friend to many teens and adults; he wasn’t just a character.


Reading the books was like experiencing the whole journey and living, celebrating and fighting Voldemort with the trio. The end of Harry Potter left many crying for more. And there’s no such parent who would like to see their child left without a friend, a friend who was their companion for more than fourteen years.


J.K. Rowling told us the story of an orphan who was exploited by his aunt and uncle, who was treated literally like a servant. Even though they knew that he was a Wizard, they never thought treating him like that would come back as Deathly Magic in return. Even after getting treated like dirt, the boy’s confidence was commendable and the way his story was potrayed in the books as well as the movies, it totally got one hooked onto them! Once you read the books or watch the movies, the characters of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger are not only characters, they become a lot more than that. They speak to us. One would– rather, I would think how they would handle a situation if I were in their place because their courage and the way they tackled every deadly fight with Voldemort was really out of this world. The antagonist of the story didn’t cease to surprise and give us goosbumps till the end. In every book he would come back with ways to kill Harry, which were totally unheard of. This is what created a sense of suspense in the reader’s mind.


Even though in the end Harry Potter’s children are introduced but in my world, Harry Potter will always remain that boy who lived in the closet under the stairs. J.K Rowling’s thinking was so distant that the spells, the Quidditch, the potions, they would get everyone thinking the same thing, “Why did we take birth in this Muggle World?”



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