What to get your tween: Gift Ideas for Picky Youth

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Finding the right gift for your tween son or daughter can be difficult.


Something to be cherished: A small statue or picture frame can be a great gift, as it can be kept for years to come and reminds the tween of your love for them. The picture frame can range from a more sentimental one to a funnier, funky design, all in accordance with the personality of the tween you are shopping for. For the more crafty parents, a really fun, great, DIY (do-it-yourself) idea is purchasing a more plain picture frame, and decorating it with stickers, puffy paint, and making it much more personal (you can go to a nearby craft store to find whatever you need.)


Something to be remembered: Not all gifts need to be material. A great way to create memories and maintain a great connection with your tween is giving the gift of a trip, from anything like a shopping trip or manicure/pedicure trip (for girls or boys!) to a trip to the city, or anywhere the tween wants to go. Even more fun is allowing the tween to invite a few friends on the trip; memories are created, and the gift means more than a material object. Many photographs can be taken recording the event, and the tween will not forget the time and effort you put into arranging the trip, whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday, or just because.


Something to bring laughter: Another fun gift idea for your tween is the less serious gift idea of a book, movie or game that has a funny edge to it. A really great idea is a gift that goes along with some inside joke you and your tween have; say you have a funny joke about a rubber chicken, then a rubber chicken would make a funny, and memorable gift. It may not be best for the more serious tween, but for those who have a silly side to their personality, this kind of present really brings fun and laughter. It also reminds the tween that they should never take life too seriously and always make room for having fun. As a tween, they are a year or two away from encountering the serious sides of life, so it’s important for them to enjoy the carefree innocence while they can.
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