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I am so grateful for the tremendous support from our parent blogger friends and family. For the launch of our book, “Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?” we decided to do a virtual book tour–doing stops, guest posts and interviews at other blogs. Here is the schedule below, please check out some of our friends!

We are getting more links up every day and I will continue to post them here! If you would like to be a stop (thank you!) please email

Chicago Tribune Online and Print Edition Sunday, September 4th, 2011 has featured one of our articles and our book


Psychology Today Feature–Thanks Joanne Stern

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Stuff Parents Need posted about us–Thanks Tiffany!

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Deborah Reber shared the book with her whole network

Debra Beck posted about the book for us

Brian Dye posted our guest post about the book!

Beth Winegarner posted a guest post for us and a link

Nightlight Stories Featured out book–thanks Melissa!

Jen Singer of Mommasaid always comes through with great support for our teens


Central Valley Moms put up a post thanks so much!

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Melinda Roberts has an amazing blog and posted for us

Linda Sherman posted our tips on how to bond with Techie Kids 

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Susan Heim posted our guest post which featured the book

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Vicki Hoefle with Parenting on Track were so generous in their feature of us

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Lian Dolan is always an amazing help and has promoted the book to her audience

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Jean at Stimeyland featured our book

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Dave Taylor rocked with his coverage

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Huge Feature on ParentEsource thanks so much!

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Amy LeForge hosted us on our tour

Always thanks to Anne Collier who we will be doing many columns with!

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Lisa Nicole Bell is always gorgeous and a great host

We love Askthejudge for joining the tour

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Summit Series hosted us and put up a post

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Yay for Organized Wisdom for all the support and their post!

Emily Anne Rigal thank you always for your link love

Thanks Margit Crane for the support!

More Thanks:

There are so many people I have to thank for making this book possible. First, thank you to my family—Vance, Stacy, Anita, Larry, Robert, Courtney, Haley, and Peanut and Moose for being so supportive and encouraging through the entire process. Second, thank you to my fabulous, amazing book agents Joel Gotler and Mel Parker. You have believed in my crazy ideas and hope we have a long future together. I want to thank the entire team at Penguin, especially my editor Meghan Stevenson for putting up with my endless questions and making my blogger writing into author writing. Thank you to Irene Dreayer, Ken Gross, Ivo Fischer, Sean Perry, and Carla Laur for helping me reach teens and parents everywhere.

There are also many colleagues and mentors who have given me words of wisdom, advice, and link love as I did research and built up my blog audience for this book over the past few years. Thank you to Emily Vaughn, Laurie Brown, David Bickham, Marian Merritt, Michelle Cove, Pam Sellers, Jen Feldman, Michal Osteen, David Suissa, Greg Galant, Kerry Gillick Goldberg and Mary Hanlon Stone. I also wanted to thank all of the other authors and experts who offered to give quotes for this book.

I also want to thank all of my friends who put up with my constant Facebook status updates on parenting teens, watch my videos, and click on my links even though they are not yet parents. Especially Linsey Schwartz, Lindsay Tachibe, Bari Turetzky, Margo Aaron, Jessica Feldman, Paul Ross, Jonathan Osteen, and the Edwards family. Of course, I also want to thank Scott Edwards for reading every single draft of this book, listening to me talk through every single draft of this book, and never once complaining.

Last, I would like to thank the Radical Parenting team. Thank you to Nina Harada, Alexis Boozer, and of course all of my fabulous teen interns! You are all the reason I write. Thank you for your time, your effort, and your willingness to talk to me about what goes on inside the minds of teens. Also thank you to all of our Radical Parenting readers and blogging friends; you are a part of our Radical Parenting family because your comments, advice, and links are so important to the validity and warmth of the site. Thank you.


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