9/2/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

Why Teens Imitate Their Friends
The fine line between teen’s hard wired need to imitate and the social pressures to imitate their friends.

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Kids Right Now
Helpful conversation starters to help you tackle the inevitable moment when your kid stops being a kid and becomes a teenager.

Articles from Guests:

Dueling Hormones: When Menopause and Puberty Collide
Author “E” tells us how to turn what could be a disaster of puberty and menopause under the same roof into an opportunity of growth and connection.

Articles from Teens:

Radical Parenting Expression: The T-shirt monologue
After many requests and suggestions, we have launched our own Radical Parenting t-shirts on Cafe Press!

Tough Love
Why teens shift from seeking advice from their parents to seeking advice from their friends and what parents can do to stay in close during this time.

Advice for Students: Online Software
The latest in online tools to help teens get ahead in class, challenge themselves or just learn something new.

What to get your tween: Gift Ideas for Picky Youth
Helpful tips for the clueless parent on what to give their teen or tween son or daughter when the occasion calls for a gift.

“Reflections” on Mulan: Teenage Feminism
How one Disney leading lady breaks the mold and acts as a strong role model for fellow teen girls who also want to follow their dreams regardless of their sex.

Why It Is Important To Support Your Kids Dreams
Though difficult, parents must support their child’s dreams even if they may disagree or be fearful of them. Otherwise, you risk an unhappy child and a distant parent-child relationship.

How to Spot a Great Teacher
Four ways to ensure your teen has a good set of teachers this new school year.

Bidding Adieu To Harry Potter
The teen book and film series phenomenon finally comes to an end. Now what?

Back-to-School Fashion Trends on a Budget
Every teen wants to revamp their wardrobe before stepping onto campus that first day of school. Here’s a few tips to make sure they are happy and
so is your wallet.

The Truth Behind High School Dances
How school dances reflect our current society; more Jersey Shore than Sixteen Candles.

What I Wish An Older Sister Had Told Me
Five pieces of advice from an imaginary older sister to her younger sibling.

Change the World One Teen at a Time
Finding the right volunteering opportunities for your teen; whether is online, offline, with people or with animals, there is something out there for everyone.

How To Prepare Your Teen for a Car Accident
Many parents give lots of advice on how to avoid accidents, but rarely advice on if an accident does happen. Teens are new drivers, so if they get into a car accident they wont know what to do unless parents prepare them for it.

Virtual Worlds: The Best Ones, When Do You Grow Out of One and Into Another
From fashion to games, there are millions of virtual worlds that kids and teens enjoy. But depending on their age, some are more fun than others.

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