Teen Trend: Haul Videos – From The Perspective Of A YouTube Beauty & Style Guru

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Samantha is a 17-year-old from Tulsa, OK. She enjoys babysitting, sewing, drawing, crocheting, writing and anything creative. She loves to hang out with her mom and two sisters and hopes to someday work in the fashion industry.


The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a haul as: ‘(of a person) pull or drag with effort or force.’ By Youtube’s beauty and style community standards, a haul may be defined as: a video, debuting items (clothes, makeup, food, etc.) typically bought on a recent shopping spree. Though hauls may, superficially, seem vain and self-centered, after digging deeper you can see there is a lot of positive that spurs from this trend. This double-edge sword is best left to conclusion after weighing the good from the bad and reading Radical Parenting’s Q&A with DaisyLove03, a popular beauty guru on YouTube. She is adept to answer, having made several different haul videos of her own.



Q&A with YouTube.com/DaisyLove03



How did you get started making haul videos?


“Prior to creating my own channel I was always watching other gurus such as MakeupByTiffanyD, JuicyStar07 and SparkleMissA. I found that it was really fun to watch, especially when their style and preference for clothes/makeup etc we’re really similar to my own. I got started in making haul videos on my channel because a few of my viewers started requesting for them. I didn’t realize how big this trend was until I started doing more research about it!”



Overall, do you believe that haul videos are a positive or negative trend?


“Even though haul videos do carry a negative trend of causing people to purchase unintended items. I find that overall it is a positive way for people to share with others what they are interested in. It is a great way to help inspire, connect and hear feedback about what the latest trends in fashion/cosmetics etc are through networking within this YouTube community.”



Why do you like to make haul videos?


“Creating haul videos is really enjoyable because it gives me a chance to share with others my own personal taste in items. It is a great way to hear feedback! Sort of like going through the items that you just purchased with a friend after a finished shopping trip.”


What is the upside to haul videos?


“The upside to haul videos is that it is a great way for people to share with others what they recently purchased. Usually this is one of the best ways to discover new products that you might have never known of! Also haul videos, in a way, serve as mini reviews. This is a great resource for those who are looking for a second opinion before purchasing.”



What do you think the downside is to hauling?


“Even though creating hauling videos are really fun to do, I believe that there is a downside in doing it. It can often lead people to go shop for unintended items because it is so easy to become infatuated with certain items that are shown in haul videos.”



What makes this kind of video so appealing to watch, especially to teens?


“Haul videos are one of the most popular videos to watch simply because people are curious about what other’s purchase. These videos really appeal to teens because it shows them what the latest and greatest products are and how their fellow peers feel about each product, especially when going through the phases of trying to find your own style.”



Are haul’s your favorite kind of video to make or do you prefer OOTD/Tutorials/Reviews etc.?


“I prefer making Tutorials and Reviews more than Haul videos. I find that Reviews and Tutorials are much more fun to make in my opinion because they are more informative.  I feel that I can really help my viewers by sharing with them my experience and knowledge with a certain product or how to create a new make up look.”



Which one of your haul videos is your favorite?


“One of my favorite haul videos is actually my Hot Topic Haul that I posted recently. I went there to go purchase a Harry Potter ‘Snuggie’ for the premiere. It was a great investment =)”



Check out some of DaisyLove03’s Hauls:


Haul: Harry Potter and more –



A Christmas Haul –



Target Haul! –




As you can deduce from the above Q&A, hauls are rich with positives that prevail over the unfavorable aspects of this trend.


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