What Kids Want Their Parents to Know

teen thoughts, parent teen communication, teen truthsMatt is a 16-year-old from New York City, NY. He loves to be social and spend time with his friends, as well as being an active leader in his community. However, school also plays an important role in his life and he is motivated to achieve his dreams.


There are many things that kids want their parents to know, but don’t really have the words to say it. That’s why I am here!


1)    I call this one “the school day drama!” If your kid had a good/fine day at school, there is no need to ask about it. No offense parents but there is no need to ask your kid about school. If he/she had a bad day—you will know about it.

2)    Number two is “the dinner rule.” We do love vegetables! I know, you probably don’t believe me. But, to be honest, the more you ask us to eat them, the more we don’t want! Spinach is a different story though…some of us ACTUALLY really don’t like spinach.

3)    Number three is “the homework rule.” Yes mom and dad, we will do our homework—just after a few hours of television…but it will get done!

4)    This may offend some parents, so I am apologizing in advance. For holidays and birthdays—we prefer money to anything else. Most of the time we don’t know what we want and we buy things on impulse. Therefore, money is the best gift. The worst feeling is when you receive a gift that you did not want at all and you don’t know how to react. To stop this from happening, take the advice above.


Those four were kind of silly, but in all honesty, no matter how young we are, we do in fact know what should be done. Whether it is vegetables or homework—we generally have good judgment.


There are many general and to the point things that we want you to know. For instance, all of the yelling you do—we understand that there are in fact reasons for it. We clearly messed-up and you are just trying to make sure we do not do the same bad thing twice. No matter how many times we yell, “I don’t like you—you’re mean!” in reality, we love you and always will love you!


A big thing that I wish I told my parents is that, “I’m sorry!” There are many incidents throughout a kid’s lifetime where something goes terrible bad. We are ridden with guilt but we don’t know how to voice it. To be honest, we’re afraid of how you’ll react to us trying to apologize. So, “I am truly sorry for what I did!”


As you can tell, there are quite a few things that you probably did not know about your kid. Take this article as a piece of knowledge or as a stepping-stone to better understand you kid. I am positive that if you start a conversation about what he/she wants you to know already knowing what I just told you, your relationship will definitely grow!


There are many key phrases that will not get the answer that you are looking for:


“You seem upset, what’s wrong?”

“Want to tell me what’s upsetting you?”

“What happened today?”


These questions will not give you answers. Instead, think of different approaches to receive the answers you are looking for. I was a camp counselor this past summer and what I learned is that by waiting, more answers come your way.


I hope these words of teenage wisdom helps you on your quest to learn more about you kid(s)!

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