A Parent’s Guide to Getting Good Grades From their Teens and Tweens

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The majority of teens/tweens during the school year stress over getting good grades. The majority of these teens/ tweens get good grades for themselves, are forced to get good grades, or are bribed to get good grades by their parents. Some parents think bribing their teen/ tween to get good grades is the only way they can get good grades. But really, it isn’t.

The reasons why you shouldn’t bribe your teen/ tween to get good grades are because:

1. Your teen/ tween will always expect to get things when they do something good.

2. Your teen/ tween is only getting good grades to get something out of it.

3. Your teen/ tween is not getting good grades on their own behalf.

4. Your teen/ tween is not learning the sole responsibility of getting good grades.

5. Your teen/ tween may become greedy and bratty.

6. Your teen/ tween does not know the true feeling of success when they get good grades if he/ she is bribed.

7. Your teen/ tween is missing the whole point of getting good grades.

Bribing your teen/ tween to get good grades comes with these negatives. Instead of bribing your teen/tween to get good grades, do the following 3 things:

1. Let him/ her know what good of a job he/ she has done getting good grades by saying “good job” or “I’m proud of you”

2. Let him/ her know getting good grades will be beneficial for his/ her future.

3. Award him/ her ( with something they want, by taking them out to eat, etc ) when you feel he/ she has earned it ( Don’t do this all the time, but only once in a while )

By doing these 3 things rather than bribing your teen/ tween, it will help him/her understand the true feeling and meaning of success.

Sometimes, parents are the reason why some teens/ tweens stress out during the school year.  These parents stress their teens/ tweens out so much that it affects his/her academic achievement. You as a parent can prevent stressing your teen/ tween out during the school year by:

1. Not nagging at your teen/ tween to get good grades.

2. Not pressuring your teen/ tween to get good grades.

3. Not getting mad at your teen/ tween when they bring home a bad test/ quiz grade. ( Getting  bad test/ quiz grades happens to the best of us )

4. Motivating your teen/ tween to try their best.

There is no need to nag and pressure your teen/ tween to get good grades. The reason why is because he/ she is already trying his/ her best in school. School now a days is tough because of strict teachers, teachers who don’t teach well, and so much homework and tests (which all affect your teen/ tween’s grades )

Don’t bribe, pressure, or nag at your teen/tween to get good grades; it’s not the way to go. Motivate, award your teen/ tween once in a while, and let them know how beneficial getting good grades will be for his/ her future instead.



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