9/23/11: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,

We were in USA Today, check it out!

We were also in Psychology Today!

Top Articles:

Today Show Clip!
We were on the Today Show last week talking about our book. They also put us on Today Show Books!

Articles from Guests:

How to Get Your Kids into College: A Preschool Through High School Guide
Author Christine Carter, PhD, explains how happiness is the key to success and also to getting your child into college.

Articles from Teens:

High School Survival Guide: The 10 Best Study Tips and Skills for Succeeding in High School
The key to success in the future can start right now with High School by starting good study habits and developing organizational skills that will last a life time.

A Parent’s Guide to Getting Good Grades From their Teens and Tweens
7 reasons not to bribe your teen into getting good grades and 7 ways to decrease their stress and encourage them to do well in school.

Teen Depression: Slipping into a Black Hole
Tips for parents to recognize if their teen is suffering from depression and how to help them.

The College Experience: An Intern Looks Back
A high school senior re-examines the idea of college and how it may not be all that we think it is as we methodically fill out our college applications.

5 Ways to Live in the Moment
Phones, cameras and computers keep us connected to the world, and yet disconnected from the present moment. Here are tips to enjoying life’s moments without constant distraction.

Starting A New Chapter – An Opportunity for All of Us
Using the fall season and the start of a new school year as a fresh start for everyone to finally go after the things we’ve always wanted.

Why Does My Daughter Dress Provocatively?
Understanding why your teenage daughter dresses in shorts too short for your taste, may help you  guide her to more age appropriate attire.

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