The 5 Things Teens Hide From Their Parents

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Between being kids and adults, the teenage mind can be a maze of intense emotions. Parents seldom understand the dilemmas, adventures, fears and angst that go with this phase of life, although they too were teenagers not long ago. Teenagers have much to share – if only grown ups listened– and much to hide so easily (if only grown ups were not so blind). We do commit sins which are not accepted by our parents, but sometimes if we put ourselves in our parents shoes we will understand what kind of misery they go through. So keeping in mind those poor parents these are the five things Teens hide from their parents:


  1. 1.    Oh! To Be In Love

Teens –especially girls- tend to hide their crushes and guy/girl friends and boy/girl friends from their parents in the impression that they won’t approve of them or they might think that they are in a relationship.

  1. 2.    Sins They Commit

Drinking! Ah! Heaven for some, pukey for the others. Teens do not want their parents to know if they are Drinking or Smoking or Watching porno. And from the survey I did we won’t even tell you if our friends do one of these things.

  1. 3.    Who did that ?!?!

Ever found something broken or banged or lost, well your teen might be the first person you should ask because teenagers will never tell you if they broke your favorite vase or banged your car! We know you will get angry at us and yell, shout and ground us!

  1. 4.    Dreams and Future Plans

We have our own dreams and we have our own passions and if parents impose their dreams and aspirations on us, we might not tell you what we want to be! So keep that in mind! You might be ruining our lives trying to save them.

  1. 5.    Rolling the dices!

If your teen has a gambling problem, that will never come to your notice. You will just have to have faith in your teen. Gambling is a serious problem but it is not really common among teens. I hope!


You may have uncovered these secrets by now or you may have to work on it. But you are not the only one. I think all parents feel out of the loop when their teens reach this phase when they start keeping things a secret. You can’t blame us for doing them sometimes but then nothing can justify some of the things we do!



P.S. I apologize to all the teenagers whose parents may have come to know about their secrets because of this article!




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