9/30/11: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello Readers,Our book has been getting some great coverage. We were on the Vicky and Jen Show–check it out!

Also got some awesome coverage in the Canadian Press! Thanks to all of our Canadian readers.

Top Articles:

Happily Ever After Syndrome
What Vanessa’s recent focus group reveals about teens and twenty-somethings and their unrealistic look on the way they see life panning out.

Do Boys and Girls Feel Differently?
Applying basic emotional differences between men and women explored in Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus to teen boys and girls.

Articles from Guests:

Using the Brain to Conquer ADHD
You may be able to cure ADHD completely drug free.

Articles from Teens:

Don’t Be Frightened by Freshman Year!
Sound advice for both high school freshman and their parents to get the best possible high school experience.

The Top Five Best and Worst Things About Texting
Texting has become such a normal part of day-to-day life, so should parents let their teens use this convenient form of communication?

The 5 Things Teens Hide From Their Parents
From drinking to dreams, teens don’t tell their parents everything.

Attention, Parents and Teens! Introducing The Washington Project
An opportunity to move past trivial high school drama and have the potential to becoming a leader, motivator and teacher.


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