Why Teens Love Secrets

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There is a certain appeal of secrets among teenagers. As expert gossipers, facebook stalkers, twitter followers, and blog readers, teens thirst for the secrets of their peers and role models. Frank Warren understood this curiosity all people have in secrets years ago when he designed PostSecret. He created a website that allowed people to send in their darkest secrets anonymously in order for others to relate. With the recent release of the PostSecret iPhone apps, PostSecret has globally reached the hands and heart of teenagers.

Many parents do not know of this website that their teen may enjoy (or of other websites that feature the same sort of posts). The secrets posted on this website can be chilling or heart warming. They can be appropriate for many ages, but many are quite risqué. For this reason, most teens will keep this website a secret from their parents. However, before parents dig through their child’s computer history to view this website, they should understand the appeal and then judge the site accordingly.

From the moment a child hits puberty, they begin to think they are alone. In their mind, no one could possibly think like them, and no one could understand how they feel. Teens will wish and pray for someone to understand them, even if they are wrong. By stumbling upon PostSecret one day, I felt like I had discovered a new world. Some of the secrets I saw online seemed to reach the deepest parts of my heart, or resemble a fleeting thought I once had, as if I myself had sent them. Instantly, I felt the presence of millions of other people who knew exactly how I felt. As a young teenager, it felt important to know that there were people similar to me around the world and that I was not alone – even when some secrets were jokes.

And while there may be a deep meaning to some of these secrets, others are just ones many people could never relate to. These secrets tap into that teenage love of gossip or even are just funny. I loved seeing countless Harry Potter secrets at the release of the last movie. And then others are inappropriate ones that no teens should (yet) be able to relate to. Either way, there is a definite appeal of just reading the secrets to see how others think.

In the end, teens just love secrets. There are many websites similar to PostSecret. For a young teen (or even an older teen) who is not yet mature enough for the topics that come up, keeping a journal is a nice alternative. Or, the teen can write secrets back and forth with their parent. However, no matter what way, there will always be a space for secrets somewhere.

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