10/14/11: Articles for Parents This Week

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Top Articles:

Best Family and Parent Vloggers on Youtube
A list of some of Vanessa’s favorite parent and family video bloggers. They are fun and entertaining!

Articles from Guests:

The Psychology of Teenage Discipline
Author of the parenting book, Tantrums, Troubles and Treasures, help parents better handle discipline with their teens.

Articles from Teens:

Is Your Teen Ready to Babysit?
Babysitting is a common side job for teens and an easy way to make cash, but is your teen ready for the responsibility?

Young Leaders Making Change: How Teens Can Get Involved
Three ways teens can become activists and four ways parents can help them.

Influence Tug-of-War
The how and why what influences your child changes as they grow older. Parents don’t have as much clout over their teens as they did when their teens were children.

How to Get Your Teen To Stop Being Broke and To Start Saving Money
A step by step guide for parents to help their teens gain financial responsibility.

Why Teens Love Secrets
The success of a certain website sheds light on the fact that teens love their secrets.

Book Review: The Gatekeepers by Jacques Steinberg
The college admissions process can be daunting, but this book can give a little insight into the world of applications, acceptance and rejection letters.

Meet the Teen Youtube Sensation: xxAllieCosmeticsxx!
How a makeup and fashion channel run by a single teen has become huge amongst fellow teenage girls.

Teenage Beauty Queen Gains Weight and Loses Crown
What a teen beauty queen’s de-throwning means for young girls’ self esteem and body issues.

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