The Baby Boom

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            In the turn of a new era came about new traditions, morals as well as increasingly shocking statistics among teenagers. Teenage pregnancy rate is at an all time high it seems as if nothing can turn back the hands of time for those rates to dwindle. One out of every 10 babies is born to a teen parent. Shocking huh? This cycle of teenage pregnancy may lie in the upbringing of a teen. You can’t physically stop pregnancy after it’s happened but you can take the necessary steps as a parent to inform one’s teen about the consequences being a young parent may be.

Often when a parent was a teen parent the cycle is passed down to their child. Knowing the struggle and difficulty raising a child at such a young age can be beneficial in teaching good morals to your teen. Even if you’re not a parent who wasn’t a teen parent you still have enough wisdom and insight to share with your teen. Now that doesn’t mean to simply say don’t have sex. This teaching and inspiring needs an engaging conversation where both of you ask each other questions. Discuss the consequences if one doesn’t have safe sex. Also discuss your struggle as a teen parent and you don’t want them to experience that same struggle. One key thing to always keep in mind is maintaining your open mindedness. Remember how you felt when you were their age, teenagers hating feeling like they’re being judged.

Believe it or not many teenagers now a day’s get pregnant on purpose. Why you may ask, well the answer lies in peer pressure, their self-esteem and lack of knowledge. As a parent your job is to always check in with our teen and make sure everything is all right with them. I’m always shocked to hear about a girl who thinks having a baby for a guy will make him stay but believe it or not many girls have such an immature mindset. Often time’s teens come from broken homes that they aren’t quite sure what love is that this immature mindset is implemented in them. It’s your job as a parent to avoid such a mind set. Show them what true love is even if you aren’t experiencing it. Never be too harsh or overprotective because it will only be detrimental in the end. Being open-minded and understanding is always the way to go. It can prevent your child from joining a pregnancy pact or believing they need a child to make someone love them.

In a perfect world there would be no pregnancies and no teenager having to decide if they should get an abortion, having birth or giving their child up for adoption. Too bad we do not live in a perfect society. That being said, as a parent you’re responsible to nurture your child from day 1 that they are born to the day they die. That includes showing them the realities of life and help guiding them in the right direction.

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