Disciplining Children

Jessie is an 8th grader, who loves volunteering with her “trio”. She spends lots of time writing stories, and hanging out with friends. During the week you can find her at home, typing away. On the weekends, the likes to hang out at her friend’s house.

One day, your little baby is going to become a child. As a child, they will misbehave. Don’t worry. That’s completely normal. Still, you need to discipline your children. If you don’t, they are never going to learn right from wrong.
Saying “no” to a child won’t help them learn. They will just say “Hey, all they are going to say is no. What’s so bad about that?” You need to give you children more discipline so that they stop eating cookies before dinner, and stop fighting with their siblings.
A lot of parents like to create a “time out chair”. Some people buy special ones that say “time out” right on them. Others just bring out a chair from the kitchen. When a child is bad, you have them sit there for a certain amount of time so they can think about what they have done.
One scenario is when my brother doesn’t like to get off the videogames. He would say, “Let me finish this level!” What my parents do is let him finish, and sometimes even let him play more levels either because they are in a different room, or they aren’t paying attention. What my parents should do is enforce this rule. When they say turn it off, he should just turn it off.
To get your son or daughter to listen, you must enforce your rules. When they do something wrong, send them the “time out chair”, or to their room. Or take away one of their privileges so they know “Hey, if I do this again, I won’t be able to watch TV.” If they know something will be taken from them, most likely they won’t do it again.
You can’t punish them too harshly either. They could end up being afraid of their parents. You just want your kids to understand that you’re the boss. You also have to learn that eventually your kids are going to say, “I refuse to do that.”  That’s when you take away the cell phone, the iPod, or the car keys.
Another scenario is when your teenage daughter sneaks out. You find their room empty, without a trace of where they are. You might think for a minute your teenager was kidnapped. The odds of that are extremely low. Your teenager probably snuck out to see a concert, or see maybe a movie. It all depends on your teenager’s hobbies.
You can’t just let it slide. You can’t just say, “Don’t do it again”. Take away the cell phone. Say no to the best friend’s giant sleepover bash. No going to the football game. Take away something important to them, and they won’t do it again.
A child learns their discipline through YOU. If you don’t teach them, they might never discipline their own children. Those kids will never know right from wrong. So, you need to take out that “time out chair”, take away that phone, and help them learn right from wrong. In the future, they will thank you. 

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