5 Things that Hurt Teens

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I guess it happens very often, when you say something to your teen and after looking at their expression you realize that it was something that really hurt them and half of the time you don’t even know why! Well, that is because your teen is not as shallow or as emotionally strong as you thought. Here are 5 things you should avoid saying to your teen:

1)     “Look at your brother/sister”

Never, ever compare us with our siblings; that is a very sensitive topic. We have our own identity, our own life and our own personality, we don’t want to be somebody’s copy!

2)     “Why don’t you ever help us?”

We do help you, it’s you guys who fail to acknowledge that we do. Try to remember the time when we do, don’t hang onto the part when we don’t.

3)     “I know you care about yourself only, we are just ATMs to you”

You guys are not ATMs to us!  You are our parents, we care about you, we love you! We may not show it very often but we really respect and are grateful for everything you have done for us.

4)     “You have no pressure at all, everything comes to easy to your generation”

It doesn’t come easy to us! We have a lot of pressure, too– social pressure, academic pressure, future responsibilities.– we just don’t showcase it.

5)     “Have you ever thought about your family and their reputation”

Oh Yeah! Whatever we do, we do it after thinking twice about you and the family. We want to make you proud of us not disappointed.


Well, keep these things in mind and your relationship with your teen may go smoothly without any hateful comments or fights or tears!


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