Free Yourself, Find Yourself: Dealing with Emotional Pain

As a passionate writer of inspirational fiction, Lydia, a 13-year old teenager, living in Thurston, Ohio, frees her mind in the daily patterns of everyday life.


Sometimes I look out my bedroom window early in the morning as I realize how the cold air from the leaky frame slips away my slumber. It doesn’t make me mad that I have been awaken, for I dream even harder while I’m awake. It seems all my troubles drop into a puddle below me when I breathe in the fall air off  the chilled glass, wiping it away to see the trees once more.

I have had a lot of sadness that I feel isn’t fair to deal with by myself. I mean, I could go to my parents or friends and just let myself go into tears. I used to do that in which made my friend annoyed. She is a wonderful person. She even offered to help me in the first place. She would basically cry with me. Therefore, I would unknowingly take advantage of her own feelings. Thing is, you’re not the only one who has problems.

What problems? What pain?

The obviously secret, emotional pain. When you think about it, no human or living creature has a perfect life. No one will go off to jail and be happy with it, for example. Can you relate? Can you feel your soul crying out for help? Sounds a little weird when I put it that way. Guess what, you are always going to have that feeling, that pain, and it just hurts to think about living your long years, wanting a good life, having this stupid thing you need to deal with. It’s almost like all the lost sadness or hurt that you kind of forgot about in your time of happiness, all stuck in a bottle. So, when you’re hurting again, it all comes at you. What I have found is that “talking away” all that is not going to do any good, but just hoping someone will understand you.

What I do to escape this pain is wake up to the cold air of a morning and stare at the trees. In other words, find my freedom. I love to write against the soft, real world. The one that is in the trees and my backyard. Yours? Fishing? Crocheting? Guitar playing? Hmmm. Such a question only you can answer.

As a teenager I fear that parents let that feeling get in the way of marriages and money and normal things that could work out as long as that feeling inside your heart didn’t get in the way. Suicide and depression, all examples of the result of this feeling not taken care of while you have the chance, while you’re young. As for parents, find your freedom, your inner peace because your pain can become your child’s pain, your teens pain.

I read an article about teenagers and the feeling of being “fat”. I can definitely relate to this. Wanna know what they said? When mothers, fathers or any legal guardian that has a good influence over the teen obsesses over their weight and dieting issues, the child feels bad about themselves, as well.

Find your freedom. Find where your heart is. Know what you need to handle in yourself before it gets worse. Truth is, a full time job and family is not going to make it any easier. I know that it is hard to get out of life and just “find yourself”. It’s not like someone could just go into the Kentucky mountains and meditate for a day or something (if you have a full time job and family). So, in advanced I have thought of an idea. I have been trying to find myself and know what I need to do to prevent myself from suicide, depression, stress, rebellion, hatred, anger, sadness, any others? Again, this doesn’t mean that by following my idea you will never have pain again or always be happy, but it will help you in the hardest of times.

  • First of all, do you have a hobby? It could be anything.
  • Do you like to help people?
  • Are you in love?
  • Gardening? Dancing?
  • Does anything I listed make you think of a dream or goal you have?

Okay, plain and simple find yourself. Find who you are. Don’t let the world change you and be who your heart tells you to be.

Second (Teenager), take a deep breath and realize you are living a childhood of emotional growth that you can fix for your adult years now by knowing what your heart wants.

Third (Parent), take a deep breath and know that you are one of the only influences in your teens life that actually matters. Even though they may act like you are the last person they love, they really want you with them most of the time. So, be a good parents. “Finding yourself though your child”, as my parents say.



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