The Results Say It All: Teens and Online Quizes

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Popular websites such for well known magazines such as Teen Vogue, Nylon Magazine, and Seventeen magazine are not only widely teen based but all have one thing in common: Online quizzes. Online quizzes have a certain appeal to a wide array of teenagers for more than one reason. Not only do they provide an “answer” to a question one may want to know like “What kind of friend are you?” but they are great things to do when you want to pass time or lurking out of curiosity.

What are online quizzes you may ask; well the name pretty much says it all. Many teen websites and other teen based companies created a series of questions that all pin point under one central theme to come up with an automated answer or outcome for a particular topic or discussion. Magazines such as Cosmopolitan uses quizzes for various discussions they discuss every month such as, “What’s your style”? You’re probably thinking okay, so it’s just a quiz, what makes it so exciting. The truth is nothing really does make it as exciting as it may be to some teenagers.

When I was around twelve years old I took online quizzes all the time either out of boredom or thinking one quiz would tell me where I would end up ten years from then. According to them I’m supposed to be a teacher. . . We’ll see if they were right. Online quizzes serve as a form of outlet for many who want to know that someone or rather something (an automated machine, otherwise known as the internet and all its glory) knows who they are. Think about it, wouldn’t you have been a happier camper if you didn’t have to go out and find yourself but rather take a four minute quiz that told you who you are. Our society has become so technology based that rather than going out and exploring one’s desires and interests they rather sit behind a computer and find it out that way. Although online quizzes have a wide appeal to teenagers it’s safe to say they cause no detrimental effects, other slight delusions which go away with growth.


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