Squabbling Siblings?

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Coming from a family of four children, there seems to always be an altercation between siblings in my house. Over the years, I have picked up some tricks that my mother used to get us to stop bickering:


If one sibling is complaining about the other to Mom, everyone has to work together on a chore.  Yes, while starting the chore we bickered, but we realized that in the end it was never going to get finished if we didn’t work together.


My siblings often like to treat my mom as if she were a judge.  They approach her with trivial problems and ways they have been slighted.  Then they expect her to punish the other sibling doing the wrong.  My mother put the end to this one really quickly.  She clearly stated that she was not going to hear anyones ‘cases’ and if she was approached by anyone, they would get a chore, no matter what happened.


Since in my house, everyone is a little bit older, most of what we argue about is who does what when it comes to chores.  My mom ended this arguing when she let us pick.  Unfortunately, we still had to do a fair amount of chores, but we ended up doing what wanted, and no one felt as if one had more work than another.

Throughout all my years of having siblings, there have been many quarrels. But using these tips above helped a lot when trying to suppress the arguing around the household.

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  1. Hubblyjubbly
    December 19, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    how does picking chores end bickering? won’t they just pick the easiest and then fight over the harder tasks? my middle child hates mopping, so i tell her if she vacuums the house, my son can mop. this requires her to do the vacuuming early, ie on a thursday night or friday afternoon, which is before the mopping that needs to be done on a friday night.

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