Alphabetical Truths of High School

A writer, hopeless romantic, and lover of all foods, Kimberlie is a seventeen year old living in Arizona. Her mind consists of a million chambers always pondering the what’s and why’s of life, and she considers herself anything but simple. She loves having long conversations with friends over the goodness that is a cup of chai tea latte.


A: All high school relationships and friendships cannot last forever, no matter how hard you try—it’s inevitable. However, the ones that do last, they will always be worth fighting for.

B: Boys will find you, whether you like them, or they like you, they will find you. Good luck.

C: “Cool” kids don’t really exist. I mean clearly there are people who are better known and popular, but that one popular boy and girl in movies we all thought we’d hate or wanted to be…it’s just cinema gold.

D: Dating seasons exist. At one moment it seems like love is in the air and the next everyone is suddenly single. My theory? It comes and goes with the seasons and holidays. Nothing screams “relationship” better than right before prom or Christmas, but nothing seems better than riding solo than right before the warm summer nights.

E: Every teacher will not make an impact on you, but at least one teacher will.

F: For every high school-related problem you have, someone else is experiencing theexact same thing. Never feel alone, misery loves company. My advice? Just start a club revolving around your issue; you’d be surprised at how not alone you truly are.

G: Girls will find you, whether you like them, or they like you, they will find you. Good luck.

H: Having a Facebook is somewhat crucial. From club reminders, teacher reminders, and just your daily dose of gossip—technology is taking over and one can only resist for so long.

I: Idiots run amuck

J: Junior year is the year when the bliss and excitement of having freedoms start to hit. From going to prom, getting your driver’s license, first jobs, and more. Take advantage of it, just don’t derail too badly.

K: Keep in touch with all the teachers that really liked you! They give the best advice at times and are always there when you’re in need of letters of recommendations!

L: Little freshman are oh-so-cute, and oh-so-torment-able. Just remember, you were one not too long ago. And picking on them all the time makes you look like such a sophomore.

M: Marriage-talk during high school is not appropriate. It’s weird and people will think you’re loony and somewhat delusional.

N: Nothing beats half days…except having only half of a schedule your senior year.

O: Open relationships don’t ever work out. The green-eyed monster is always creeping.

P: PDA on campus is frowned upon, and looked at with disgust. Don’t be that couple that everyone loves to hate and that teachers just cringe with awkward when they see.

Q; Quoting things from the Jersey Shore doesn’t make you cool.

R: Running to class will always make you look like an underclassman. Don’t do it. Running to lunch however, is actually perfectly understandable. We like our food.

S: Senioritis actually sets in during August, not later in the year like they say.

T: Time flies

U: Upperclassmen generally don’t care about underclassmen. No, they will not shove you in lockers and trashcans. No they will not push you down stairs. Truth is, no one cares enough to.

V: Voice travels in classrooms. Secrets are never kept secrets. Rumors suck.

W: Writing on bathroom stalls is suddenly uncool. Unlike middle school when you learned that “Becky was a loser” and “Jill loves Max 4eva”

X: Xylem is something you will learn in AP Biology

Y: You will miss these people around you. Even that girl you hated in your second hour English class. You’ll miss hating her—it’s true.

Z:  Zits. Enough said.


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