The Quiz Taking Teen Trend


Quiz taking has become a major trend among teens. Most people think they are completely harmless, but are they really? Well, that really depends on what type of quizzes, how often they are taken and the motive to do so. This is for parents to decide themselves and here is the insight to help.

As a teen one of my most frustrating struggles is trying to define myself and figure out whom I will grow up to be. This is increasingly difficult with so many media outlets placing unnecessary amounts of pressure upon us. On one hand they are telling us what to act like, wear and think and on the other preaching diversity and the importance of being unique.  This is incredibly confusing especially considering we are already lost in the maze of self-discovery and growing up. Where then do teens turn? Quizzes are greatly appealing because they tell us who we are and since we answer the questions ourselves they must have some truth. Or so teens think.

After going to a variety of websites and taking quizzes I was shocked on how unreliable they really are. I took the same quiz several times slightly changing my answers each time and found there was no apparent pattern. Sometimes I only changed one answer and my result was completely different, whereas when my answers were completely different the result was similar if not the same. So even though I wanted to believe some of what they were telling me about myself I was force to come to the conclusion that it would be pointless to take them seriously.

There are a lot of teens who take them just for the fun of it and to compare their answers with their friends. That is perfectly fine but parents should find out for themselves. If you ever see them taking any ask about it, just do not come off judgmental or overly nosy. Doing that almost guarantees you an unpleasant reaction, however if you try to be casual about it the conversation should go over smoothly. This advice can actually work in most situations when trying to get information from your teen.

If it turns out they are taking the results of the quizzes seriously, talk it over with them. Evaluate how involved they are and do the experiment with them. I must admit a few quizzes had somewhat of a pattern but the point is to show how useless they are. From there take actions that will help your teen gain confidence and learn about who they are. A great way to do that is to introduce new activities into their schedule. This should be done no matter what in the teenage years even without the prompt of quiz-taking because whether quizzes are the outlet of confusion or something else all kids go through it.

Overall, quiz taking does not need to be a concern for parents; it is simply something that should be discussed at least once. It is just one of many ways teens try to learn about themselves and to poke fun at friends.


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