How to Teach Kids to Take Care of Their Bedroom

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The importance of organization is a skill that is perfected with time. Bringing in virtues such as patience, diligence and responsibility, learning to account for our own belongings is an important step towards maturing into adulthood.


The process of instilling responsibility and organization within children is a considerable task for parents, one that begins in the home. Although cleaning a bedroom may seem like a lonely or even disciplinary chore for children, using the time as an opportunity to bond and encourage teamwork will surely relieve the stress.


While kids are expected to keep their rooms both clean and tidy, parents should arrange their bedroom furniture in a manner that will help promote and maintain an organized atmosphere. A smart bedroom layout is one that promotes storage and coordination to its maximum level of efficiency. Shelving is an excellent way to store knickknacks, odd pieces and a number of other accessories that would otherwise clutter the floor, dresser or nightstand. Taking into account the height or children, parents must be sure to use storage units of an appropriate height and accessibility to enable children to organize on their own.


As one the biggest and most visible focal points of a bedroom, encouraging children to make their bed on a daily basis will go a long way towards maintaining a clean image. Making a bed will ensure that there are no stray pillows or sheets draped around the room, and the clean sheets will give kids a flat surface to prepare and organize other parts of the room.


Creating a schedule and clearly defining a clean room is the next step in the process. Children may feel overwhelmed or uncertain where to start cleaning, and in such cases, it’s important to tackle one task at a time. Start with a simple objects like clothing. Picking up dirty and scattered clothing and putting it in its appropriate clothing hamper will often uncover hidden toys or junk that was otherwise covered up or hidden. Taking the process a few steps further, tackle similar tasks in groups, such as cleaning up toys or trash next.


The final step towards ensuring a consistently clean room is to encourage children to take pride in their bedroom. Working an a decorating project such as refinishing a dresser, building a shelf, or painting a picture with your children will give them something to respect and take pride in. Doing so will go a long way towards personalizing and customizing their bedroom, thereby making the room more comfortable and inviting, as well as a better reflection of your child’s unique personality.



Kim Gellman  has been decorating kids rooms for over 15 years.Some people think of a bedroom as nothing more than a place to sleep. Kim Gellman sees a place where children can express their creativity and let their imaginations run wild. Through her online store,, kids – and their parents – can discover designer décor to dress up the bedroom of their dreams. When she was pregnant with her first child, she felt there  were limited choices in her hometown of St. Louis. She wanted a nursery with a combination of funky and traditional and could not find them and, so was born.

Today, Artistic Sensations features designer bedding, furniture and room décor from 50 different artists and companies, offering the hottest trends for girls and boys of all ages.
By mastering the art of customer service and creating a strong network via social media, Gellman has built her business by building long-lasting relationships with vendors and customers, all while raising two active boys.

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