Constructively Coping with Dire Depression

teen depression, mental health, stress, Shannon is a 19 year old from Wichita, KS. She enjoys poetry, airbrushing, drawing, and reading. She believes that language as well as art is one of the most colorful ways to express the self. It is painting the world with words.

Depression can be a very hard emotion to cope with. Many teens, as well as adults, nowadays are depressed. However, depression doesn’t matter; it’s what someone does with it in order to deal with this emotion that matters.  Listed below are some tips to help the average person deal with depression.


Remember that depression can happen to others.

Other people are depressed, too, even though it feels like the individual is the only one. Look at all the writers and artists. It’s what they did when they were depressed that got them where they are today. They used their emotions as an advantage to produce pieces that would influence themselves as well as the world around them.


Focus on something.

Whether it’s a hobby or school work. These are some beneficial aspects that may brighten a person’s mood because it is teaching a skill. Learning a skill is a lot better than someone balling their eyes out in a room somewhere, not going anywhere, and most certainly not doing anything productive.


Conduct an experiment in mindfulness.

No matter what a person does when they conduct an experiment in mindfulness, it is about being in one moment rather than another. Focus on one thing as one thought. Consider the aspect of washing dishes, many people hate to do them because they view it as something that they have to do rather than another viewpoint.  Instead of viewing this everyday chore as a chore view it as an opportunity to ease your troubled mind. When washing dishes one should consider the alluring scent of the soap, the warmness of the water, and the cleansing away of all your troubles. What a person does can vary but as long as it provides the same effect, it is beneficial to the individual.


Taking care of one’s self is important.

Maintaining a good health may help benefit the mood of the individual. A declination in health will only make the depressed being feel worse. Staying active can help maintain a good self -esteem and a positive outlook upon the world.


Everyone has their reasons.

No matter what the reason is for feeling depressed, it is okay. Emotions are perfectly okay to feel and no one should say otherwise. Acting upon them however, is a whole different story if it is inflicting self-harm or the harming of others. No matter the reason, the individual should take into account those around them that care.


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