10 Things Every Teen Should Own: Gift Ideas for Teens and Tweens!

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Buying gifts for teens and tweens has to be one of the hardest parts of the holiday season. Most adults don’t really follow trends or know what kids of that age really want. It’s not like the old days where you could just buy a child a Barbie or an action figure and they would be happy. Most adults end up just giving teens and tweens cash which most teens and tweens would just spend on things that aren’t even worthwhile. But, here’s a list that will help anyone know what to buy a teen or tween for this holiday season whether they are a boy or a girl from any walk of life. The secret is to buy things that any teen would love.


  1. A Smart Phone! Every teen or tween during this day in age needs a smart phone. Smart phones are a way of connecting with their friends in a blink of an eye. Smart phones don’t even have to be expensive. Cellular companies usually give out deals during the holiday seasons, so be sure to take advantage of those deals!
  2. An iPod! Everyone knows that teens and tweens love music. Music is the way into any teenagers’ soul. They come in a variety of colors so make sure to pick their favorite color!
  3. An electronic reader! This might come to as a surprise to most adults but teens and tweens are most likely to read on an electronic reader like a Nook or a Kindle vs. a traditional book. Plus, most schools allow them to take them to school for English class. Who doesn’t want teens to read more?
  4. A digital camera! The tween and teen years go buy really fast. A digital camera will help capture moments forever. Whether its homecoming pictures or a football game, all memories are valuable. Kodak moments happen all the time.
  5. A Visa Gift card! Teens these days love going online shopping and one thing that stops them from purchasing things online is the fact that they don’t have a credit card. A Visa gift card can be used on anything and is one gift that can do no wrong.
  6. A mini fridge! It sounds cliché but I can guarantee you that every teen or tween would want a mini fridge in their room. All night cramming sessions make you thirsty.
  7. An extra cell phone charger ! You’re probably asking “why should I give anyone a cell phone charger?” Well, smart phones have a tendency of losing battery and every one knows how handy an extra charger can be in a time of need.
  8. A clothing store gift card of their choice! Ask them what their favorite store is and get them a gift card from that store. But, whatever you do don’t buy them clothing! Teens and tweens are complicated and something that they liked last year they probably won’t be fond of this year. Their style is constantly evolving so clothing store gift cards are always a must!
  9. Beats by Dr. Dre Earphones! Those are the best ear phones on the market. All teens and tweens love them. They completely tune out everything so teens and tweens can just concentrate on the music.
  10. An iTunes Gift card! Again, I can’t stress how much teens and tweens love music! An iTunes gift card would be great. They can add more music and even movies to their iPods. They would be so grateful.


This list completely is a go-to list when buying any gifts for teens and tweens. Whether it’s for a birthday party or for use during the holiday season, I suggest not leaving the house without this list. You won’t go wrong with any of these choices. Although all teens and tweens are different, any one would appreciate any of these things. Happy Shopping!




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