5 Mistakes That Can Hurt A Parent-Teen Relationship

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1. Prying too much.

Yes, it is a parent’s duty to love and support their children the best way they can.  But teen’s love their space.  If a parent is always asking who their teen is texting or what’s the latest gossip around school, it is going to hurt the parent-teen relationship.  Parents have a right to pry only if what the teen is doing is effecting themselves or other people.

2. Being the teen’s bestie.

There are those few parents that would give anything to their son/daughter just to be liked and accepted.  When parents give children this power, they become bratty and spoiled.  They abuse their parents desire to make their children happy all the time.  Chances are when it comes between going to mall with friends or going to the mom with mom, they are going to choose friends.  Parents would get so much more respect if they didn’t act like one of the teens.

3. Being Overly Strict and Protective.

There are some parents that like to keep their children locked up in the house, literally.  These teens are allowed to do virtually nothing because their parents are afraid of losing their “babies.”  Sometimes parents need to accept the fact that their children are growing up.  And while rules are a necessity, children learn most by making their own mistakes.

4. Too much pressure about school.

There are parents who check their children’s online grades every day, complain to teachers through email, and consequence their children for anything below an A. Teens especially will feel double the pressure if the get bad grades.  It is pressure enough to have the weight of graduating and getting into college on your shoulders, but added pressure about grades from parents is just way too much.

5. Favoring other siblings.

Sometimes parents favor other siblings without even realizing it.  If there is a new addition to the family, teens may not act like they need attention, but they do.  Every child in a family should get equal amounts of attention.  It will make teens feel important and loved, which helps build a strong bond between parents and teens.





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  1. leanne
    December 8, 2011 at 4:57 pm #

    You are so right! We have to let our kids try and fail sometimes. Learn from thier mistakes1

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