Best Christmas Gift Gadgets for Teens

Getting gifts for teens can be a difficult endeavor. As we approach the holiday season be sure to ask your kids for their gift wish list. Make it clear that they will not get everything on their list and they need to be appreciative and helpful around the house.

Here are a few ideas for the adolescents in your home to make sure they are happy with the gifts they get this year:


1. White iPod touch


This white iPod touch is a great way for kids to listen to music while working out or hanging out. Collecting music and sharing with friends is also a very popular way for kids to bond. iPod’s are an easy way for kids to cultivate their music libraries and share with friends.


2. Docking iPod Station


Love this charger docking station for the iPod, great for bedside tables, desks or even the family living room to play music with the whole family.


3.iPad 2 3G


iPads can help kids in school as well as be an endless source of entertainment. You can also get an iPad for the family to share.


4. Nintendo DSi XL


This is a very popular gaming system for teens right now. They can use it with siblings or have a gaming night with friends. Family play is also very popular right now–get some games the whole family can play together.


5. Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle


Kids and parents alike are loving the Kinect because it gets kids and teens off the couch and doing interactive play.


It’s great to get kids gifts they like, but also keep them grounded and grateful over the holiday season. Have kids clean out their room, closets, attic and garage and take old toys and electronics to Goodwill. This makes room for the new and teaches kids they have to give back as they receive. You can also volunteer at a soup kitchen or bring gifts to a local children’s hospital over break to get kids thinking about those who are less fortunate.


Most importantly, enjoy these gifts together! Celebrate and play as a family and make sure your kids write thank you notes for all the great gifts they received.


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