11 Ways You Can Fulfill Your Teen’s Wishes of Having a Stable, Close, and Non-Argumentative Relationship With Them

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In today’s world, almost all parents and teens have a hard time getting along and understanding each other.  The cause of this is the relationship they share. When teens feel that it’s hard for their parents to understand their views on something they won’t let them do (such as going to a concert) and to get along, they think to themselves: “I wish my parents were different”.

If you are one of many parents who experience this, you need to take the first step of changing the relationship you have with your teen. To change your relationship with your teen, you have to take the first step of understanding what your teen would like to have in the relationship they share with you by reading this article.

The type of relationship teens want from their parents is:

1.) Stable

2.) Close

3.) Non-argumentative

To have a stable, close, and non-argumentative relationship with your teen, you need to do the following:

1.) Let your teen have freedom. (In arguments relating to parents not allowing their teens to go places, teens argue that their parents don’t give them enough freedom.)

2.)  Listen to what your teen has to say when you don’t let them go somewhere or do something.  When you allow your teen to explain why they should be allowed to go somewhere or do something specific, and why it’s unfair you’re not letting them to go to that specific place or do that specific activity, there’s always a possibility that you will change your mind after you realize that your teen may be right and that you’ve misjudged the situation. It all depends on the situation.)

3.) Realize that just because you are a parent doesn’t make you right all the time.

4.)  Talk to your teens each and every day. (Ask how your teen’s day was at school.)

5.) Spend quality time with your teen. (Watching a movie with your teen, going to a restaurant with your teen, or even scrapbooking with your teen will get you and your teen closer each and every time.)

6.) Be loose, but not too loose. (In other words, don’t be too strict or too hard on your teen.)

7.) Do not punish your teen for stupid reasons. (Such as bringing home a bad test grade, because it happens.)

8.) Trust your teen. (Not trusting your teen will just cause arguments and put strain on your relationship.)

9.) Give your teen affection.

10.) Show your teen how much you care about him/her.

11.) Show your teen how much you love him/her.

These 11 things are guaranteed to improve the relationship you have with your teen for the better. Once you take the next step of following these 11 things, you and your teen will have a happier, closer relationship in no time.


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    December 13, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    Vanessa I love your tips and advice on improving relationships between parents and teens! Thanks for helping us get on the same page as our children (young adults ; )

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