Hot Christmas Gifts for Teens 2011

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Well, everyone, I inform you with great pleasure and excitement that it is that time of year again! No matter what religion you are, we all celebrate the holidays around this time by giving and receiving presents to and from loved ones. Many parents though feel completely stuck when time to purchase gifts for their teenagers. Well here is my list of the hot Christmas gifts for teens 2011!

For Girls:
The oh so fabulous, Vera Bradley Bag
This item is actually off the top of my Christmas list as well as every other girl in high school without one! You probably are familiar with the design imprinted upon millions of females’ bags; and I’m not one to be a follower, but this bag is simply divine. The most popular seller and the one I am hoping to see under my Christmas tree, is the Vera Bradley “backsack”.  It is neither a purse with a bothersome strap or a bulky backpack with an elementary feel. It is the perfect on the go balance between the two. It is light, has comfortable straps, and not to mention it is positively adorable. It is a good choice for teen girls to carry one because they run less of a risk of putting down their purse and forgetting it/and or getting it stolen. It is less of a hassle to remember to pick up or put down and allows girls to have the use of both hands and feel free while still carrying the necessities on them.  The Vera Bradley backsack comes in a variety of different colors and patterns that I’m sure can fit any stylish teenage girl’s taste!

The classic, Uggs
These boots are not your typical wear-for-one-season-then -they -bust boots. Oh no, these are the timeless classic boot made for comfort, wear, and fashion of course.  They are a tad more pricey than others, but totally worth it because they last and keep your teen feeling hip and in style. There are tons of different styles too. This winter the new Ugg boots that trance my high school hallways are the “Bailey Button” style.  You can purchase Uggs online or in store. With the gift of stylish footwear, aka Uggs, your daughter will be sure to thank you this holiday season.

For Guys:
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (For Xbox 360)
Every time I am talking to one of my guy friends you can bet this game comes up. Weather they are telling me about the action in it, how they can’t wait to get it, or what the game is all about period Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 definitely is a hot topic amongst teenage boy these days. So why not get your son the essential Xbox game all their friends are talking about? It will put a smile on their face knowing they can now join the pretend action with their friends and ultimately fulfill their “call of duty”. A great buy for a guy gift in my opinion.

We girls aren’t the only ones who take pride in our foot apparel! Most guys often feel their best when they have a nice fresh pair of clean sneakers. I know the men in my life take a lot of care and precaution just to ensure their shoes are kept looking new! This year Jordans are a pretty hot seller as usual for men, but it is understandable why. From what I understand, they are a great comfortable shoe with an extremely high style and quality rating. There are many different types of Jordans depending on what you are looking for. You can find and order the type and style you desire on any popular shoe store website. This Christmas give the teenage boy in your life the gift of Jordon shoes!

 For either Girls or Guys:
 Just Dance 3
I own Just Dance 1, and Just Dance 2, and can honestly tell you that the game is a blast weather I am playing alone or with family or friends. I have been anticipating the arrival of the third Just Dance for a while now, and the commercials look promising! Popular songs we all love are on the Wii game accompanied by all the dances to get your body grooving and make your nights more exciting!

Zumba Fitness 2
Words do not even express how I feel about Zumba Fitness for Wii. This game helped me lose a massive amount of weight and taught me how to dance to fun Latin songs all while keeping a smile on my face and having fun! I am absolutely pumped for the second edition to this game and you should be too! Fitness isn’t all about weight; it is simply about getting your body moving and your heart pumping for a healthier you. Zumba manages that to a tee while you have a blast.

Nikon Cool Pix Digital Camera
 There are many models of Nikons that are part of the Cool Pix line. The one you buy for your son or daughter this Christmas is entirely up to you and what camera you feel fits your child best. Trust me, with this top of the line digital multimedia device company there is bound to be one if not many that you feel suitable for purchase. This line is very popular among people my age and I find it to be a great digital camera; and hey, the dreamy Ashton Kutcher is in the TV ads, it has to be good right!?

While gifts are a part of the tradition that accompanies the holidays, let us all remember what Christmas is truly about. Even if things are tight this year (as they are for everyone, don’t worry you are not alone) and you can’t afford some extravagant gift purchases for your teen, don’t stress. There are plenty other ways to make your holiday special. All the above gifts mentioned are relatively inexpensive and ones you can find huge discounts on if you search on the web, alternate sites like eBay, in curriculars, or even just by ordering them online you are able to save a chunk of money. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, and a joyful break from the everyday hustling and bustling. Remember the important things in life, especially this time of year. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The one with a brain
    December 19, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    No guy wears “Jordons”  anymore (it’s real name is “Jordans”).   Most guys wear: Vans, Converse, and Supras.  Also, Jordans are terrible, and low quality.

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