Review: Raising CEO Kids by Sarah L. Cook

Michael Costigan is a 17 – year-old from Orange County, CA. He is a social entrepreneur, public speaker, and truly enjoys helping other’s better understand teen related issues. You can follow him at


financial literacy, book reviews, entrepreneurs, motivationThe Parents’ Guide to Raising CEO Kids by Dr. Jerry & Sarah Cook is a handbook of sorts for parents and even their own children. The book aims to discover the characteristics of over 200 young entrepreneurs and compile a comprehensive overview of what they’ve done to become successful, from their upbringing, to their own doing. The book is all about embracing your child’s dream of entrepreneurship. Within this dream exists practical life skills, financial independence, and an immense amount of personal satisfaction and accomplishment for both parents and their children.


What I found to be most valuable in this book is the systematic breakdown by which it’s organized. You can easily turn to the chapter that is most relevant to your immediate needs, whether that be how to initially set out with a vision, or the specifics of managing finances as a young entrepreneur or supportive parent.


A guide like this is essential to navigate the often unpredictable and volatile environment of starting your own business at a young age. And for parents this book provides a much broader insight into the means by which you can best support your young entrepreneur throughout all of their endeavors.


Everyone has a call to contribute to our world, for many, their gifts, talents, and expertise can be used in a manner that not only changes their lives, but changes the lives of everyone around them. This is what entrepreneurship does for our lives, our country, and our world.


By beginning to teach kids at a young age the value of earning their own money, the importance of financial literacy, and the significance off every idea, we can begin to change the status quo, motivating and mobilizing more and more young people to take ownership of their dreams, vision, and goals for the future.


I highly recommend The Parent’s Guide to Raising CEO Kids!

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