12/16/11: Articles for Parents This Week


Hello Readers,We want to wish you a happy holidays! Radical Parenting is taking the break off–even our interns are getting time off to sleep, relax and enjoy friends and family. We have only assigned them one book to read: “Think” by Lisa Bloom. This is a MUST read for every teenage girl and her mom and Grandma (and aunt and best friend!)

I highly recommend it! THINK by LISA BLOOM

Top Articles:

Why Teens Need Routine
Three reasons routine is just as important for your teens as it is for your babies and toddlers in developing healthy, stable and productive young adults.

Facebook Double Entendre
Vanessa and one of our teen interns demystify the teen Facebook status.

Digital Tethering
Four ways digital tethering, or teen attachment to their tech devices, effects family relationships.

How to Tell If Your Child Is Lying To You
Do you know the warning signs? Can you read your child’s body language? Here are some easy truth-seeking tips.

Articles from Guests:

Meals for Busy Parents
Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer of the kitchenclassroom4kids.com helps parents reclaim cooking by turning it from a stressful time to a bonding time with their kids.

Best Christmas Gift Gadgets for Teens
With every year comes new and improved gadgets and gizmos that teens are pining after. Here is our roundup of the best ones to get for your kids this holiday season.

Articles from Teens:

What Did Steve Jobs Mean to Teens?
With the recent loss of the tech icon, one teen reflects on his impact on our tech savvy youth.

Steve Jobs – Creator, Innovator, and Hero of the Teen Tech Generation
Another take on the Apple chief executive, and what his innovations mean to teens today.

11 Ways You Can Fulfill Your Teen’s Wishes of Having a Stable, Close, and Non-Argumentative Relationship With Them
Many teens experience challenging relationships with their parents, but there are ways parents can change this with simple things like talking to their kids every day or giving affection.
Review: Raising CEO Kids by Sarah L. Cook
A teen review of this new book, which helps parents embrace their children’s entrepreneurship and help them become successful.

Hot Christmas Gifts for Teens 2011
What teen boys and girls are craving this year.

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