Jealousy: More Than An Emotion

envy, insecurity, body issues, self esteem, suicideAs a passionate writer of inspirational fiction, Lydia, a 13-year old teenager, living in Thurston, Ohio, frees her mind in the daily patterns of everyday life.


Jealousy is a very deep subject. It’s much more than wanting that cool necklace your friend has or even just wishing you could be a Hollywood star. Jealousy can and has caused insecurity, anorexia, and even suicide. Thing is, most are not aware of the rising population of depressed teens, especially their own parents. Depression can also be a result of jealousy; depression is the result of jealousy…

Firstly, many of us struggle with how we look because of all the “perfect” models we see everyday. My mom always tells me that everyone has different build in the way their bodies look physically, but that does not give you an excuse to be lazy or insecure because you don’t look like the next person. We shouldn’t need to change who we are to get a good critique from the world. Therefore, motivation is the only other thing we need. However, that is also one of the hardest things to gain when you are depressed or feel bad about yourself.

Secondly, the only real beauty is how your heart looks, maybe even how your brain looks. You know, many people think your soul is in your brain, believable right? Depending on your outlook on life, you have a choice to make. You could choose either not to give life a purpose or make what you believe a serious goal, but really, how people look at you does not matter. A good healthy lifestyle holds knowing that you are happy with yourself. I cannot say I am absolutely happy with who I am or who I was 3 years ago, but I do have the peace of mind that I am alive and surviving the rapid changes of the world and being ‘me’. Also, I will learn from my mistakes, knowing that I can be confident with who I am.

In addition, throughout all the pain teens have trying to be satisfied with themselves, parents do not know that they actually have a depressed teen. You, parents, have a big part in your teen’s life and can make a difference. There are probably some things you can think of, causing your child’s depression, but the main thing we teens deal with is jealousy.

Let me define jealousy for you:

Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.

Do you know what this means? Can you understand that your teen feels like they are nothing compared to the world’s perfect picture of a human? Probably the biggest, most helpful, thing you could do is just comfort your teen. Not necessarily by hugging them or telling them that you love them (which is also a great option), but by nondescriptly leaving hints about how much of a masterpiece they are. As a girl, I know I love to talk to my mom and many do, problem is, a thick wall is starting to build between the loving relationship of a child and her parents. One of the few things you could do to be helpful towards your child’s depression and jealousy is to give a reason for denying their request. I know it may seem random, but really we do not want to be lied to. We want reasons when we ask, “Can I dye my hair pink? Like that singer!” and you say “No”. Why not? It’s always more satisfying when my parents tell me why I cannot change who I am. Not going to lie, my parent’s opinions is probably the most satisfying compared to anyone I’ve ever met.

So, out of who your teen chooses to be, make sure they know that jealousy is much deeper than what most think it is. I like to think it’s the synonym of hatred or insecurity, but really it’s easier to cure than it is to feel. Some just think it’s hard.

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