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hockey, hockey fans, sports fans, teens and sports, crushesSam is a seventeen-year-old from Montgomery, NJ. When she isn’t obsessing over the New Jersey Devils, Sam is doing charity work, reading magazines, and hanging with friends. She also wishes to make an imprint on the world in the future.


We all have our own celebrity crushes. They come in all shapes and sizes, from Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Andy Samberg. We all also have our own way of worshipping our crushes. When you were younger, you probably plastered your wall with posters of *NSYNC, screamed when their songs came on the radio and cried hysterically when Justin Timberlake went off the market.


It seems, however, that as time progresses, our methods of showing celebrities how much we adore them have become more and more extreme (Bieber’s “baby-mama,” anyone?). From the perspective of a die-hard hockey fan, this extremity couldn’t be more properly displayed in puckbunnies.


What are puckbunnies, you ask? Puckbunnies, for lack of a better definition, are ice hockey groupies. Their main objective is to take a hockey player home, be they high school, college, or professional players, and “score.” They are relatively easy to spot with revealing clothes, body paint, innuendo-laden signs, and high-pitched squeals for their player. The most important trait, however, is their lack of knowledge of hockey outside of the player and the team he plays for.


What distinguishes the puckbunny from other celebrity crushes is that their fandom affects more than just the players. Because the puckbunny refuses to learn anything about hockey other than her crush, it builds a stereotype that all women and teenage girls who enjoy hockey are puckbunnies. This of course, couldn’t be less true.  Furthermore, it gives younger girls the wrong impression that being promiscuously dressed and overly flirty is the way to get any boy, let alone an athlete.


However, there is hope for the real fans. With a little technological innovation known as the internet, girls can shed puckbunny status quickly. Rather than just know what a player looks like, they can learn a vast amount of information about the rest of their crush’s team, other rival teams, and a league or conference as a whole. Still worried about those obnoxious girls in the stands? Don’t be. Simply ignoring them will alleviate worries and help you focus on what you know best: loving a sport and being a fan of your team.


Image: Paul Nicholson from Flickr

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