Book Review! Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer – Rocky Mountain Beginnings

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 I want to wander distant fields,

climb higher mountains and explore mighty rivers.


– Lucy Dakota

 This quote (borrowed from the Lucy Dakota journal) describes the empowerment I felt after reading Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer – Rocky Mountain Beginnings. Throughout this book Lucy transforms from a chubby Coloradan tween who hides from bullies in her middle school teachers classroom, to a strong, adventurous, and brave young leader after climbing a 14,000 peak in the Rocky Mountains. As you grow with Lucy from middle school to the summer after her high school graduation, you see her make many mistakes that a lot of young people make. Whether her mistakes be with boys, drugs, friends or work she learns from them and, to be honest, as a teenage girl who has made similar mistakes and can relate a lot to Lucy, I gained a lot from the times she stumbled and found as she grew from her mistakes, so did I.

You don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy Lucy’s adventures. She is very relatable and you find yourself being encouraged to pursue your own dreams while reading about her adventurous excursions. I encourage all the tweens, teens and young adults, especially the girls, to read this book– and I encourage all the parents out there to get this book for their kids to read. Rocky Mountain Beginnings is one of the best books I think I have ever read.

Lucy Dakota’s adventures will inspire you to know your own worth as a young person, leaving you empowered and encouraged to aspire to and achieve your own dreams. By the time you have finished this book you will find yourself on top of a mountain! Just make sure you keep a good look out to know when to get the next book in this series so you can Journey To Nepal with Lucy Dakota!




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Photo Credit: Cairn on Mt. Bierstadt trail – taken by flickr user emerson12

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