10 Examples Of Peer Pressure


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What is Peer Pressure? Well The Definition of peer pressure is Influencing another persons decision By Pressuring to do something they other wise wouldn’t do or Pressuring to do something they didnt have the courage to do.  Peer pressure Can be Negative and Positve.  Here Are Some Examples of both Negative and Postive Peer pressure, its consequences and the effects it can have on Teenagers.

Negative Peer Pressure

Underage Drinking – The consequences to underage drinking is  getting aressted, Having social problems, Long Term Effects on your brain, And  Physical problems because drinking alcohol can cause you to get sick such as Alcohol Poisoning and potentialy dying from that.

Underage Smoking – The consequences to underage Smoking is developing Heart Disease, leukemia, and the most important one is The development of Lung Cancer.

Pressure to Steal –  The consequences to Stealing is Of course going to jail. And also Stealing can change how people value you as a person. It can give people negative thoughts about you. And also this can go on your Permanent Record.

Pressure to Fight/ Physically Harming Someone – The consequences to Fighting or Physically Harming someone is this could lead to going to jail for aasault, or Killing someone Which could mean going jail for a very long time. And if you are pressured to fight someone at school that could lead to getting suspended.

Pressure to have Sex – Having sex before you are ready to can lead to pregnancy and S.T.D’s especialy if you wasn’t properly prepared. Most importantly it can effect you emotionally.    

                       Positive Peer Pressure

Pressure to get into College – Getting pressured to get into college can have a positive effect on you. It can encourage you to figure out what you want to do with your future, It can encourage you to get your grades up and make a plan for yourself.

Pressure to come to School on time – Getting pressured to come to school on time can teach you alot of values. Such as being on time in the future for jobs and stuff.

Pressure to Join School Activities – Being Pressured to Join School Activities can be positive because It will teach you to become more social by making more friends. Also alot of school activities looks good on college application. And Joining school activities keeps you out of trouble.

Pressure to Follow the Rules – Being Pressured to follow the rules is positive because Following the rules Keeps you out of trouble, It helps you keep your mind focused on the positive things, and If you follow all the rules you will be rewarded later in life.

Pressure To Respect Others – Respecting others can get you very far in life and this is positive because if you respect others in return they will respect you. (“Treat others the way you want to be treated” ). Also If you have alot of respect for others, People will have a positive view of you.

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