Why Teens Shouldn’t Have Babysitters

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Throughout the world today, many parents work and go out while their teens are home alone. When this happens, some parents hire babysitters. Others don’t. Some parents hire babysitters to watch over their teens because they don’t trust their teens and/or they fear that their teens will cause trouble. Another reason why some parents hire babysitters to watch over their teens is because they fear something bad could possibly happen to their teens if they are left alone. As a teen myself, I think it’s not necessary for parents to hire babysitters for their teens.

You as a parent shouldn’t hire a babysitter to watch over your teen because:
1. Your teen is old enough to be independent.
2. You need to learn to trust your teen without him/her being supervised.
3. It’s un-needed.
4. Your teen is old enough to watch over him/herself.
5. You’ll be wasting money if you hire a babysitter to watch over your teen.
(Money will be wasted because you are paying someone to watch over your teen who is old enough to watch over him/herself. By hiring a babysitter to watch over your teen, all you’ll be doing is delaying yourself from letting go, which practically makes you paying for the delay, therefore wasting money.)

These five reasons are true without a doubt. You hiring a babysitter for your teen is not wise.

It’s not wise for you as a parent to have someone supervise your teen while you are gone because:
1. It won’t give your teen the chance to learn how it’s like to not have supervision.(Which is obviously needed in the future )
2. It shows that you don’t trust your teens. (Trust is the most important thing between you and your teen.)
3. It will delay you from letting go of your teen.(The sooner, the better.)

I know it’s tough to let go and not have your teen be supervised while you are gone, but you’ve got to let go. Just remember that you’re going to have to do it anyway and letting go sooner is best. You also have to trust your teen because if you don’t, your relationship with your teen will be strained.

The next time you leave your teen alone, don’t hire a babysitter.

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  1. Amanda Kirby
    January 12, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    Good point. I never had a baby sitter once I turned 14. I know parents that have to leave their 10 year olds at home. My son is almost 1, I’ll probably start leaving him at home when he’s 13…. maybe 12, who knows.

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