1/20/12: Articles for Parents This Week

Hello readers! Thank you for all of the support over the last few weeks. We are excited to announce that we are now on:Family Circle Magazine’s Teen Tween Advisory Board!Be sure to pick up a copy and you will see us in there!

Top Articles:

Do Our Social Patterns From High School Stay With Us…Forever?
Awareness is key in shaking off our old high school prejudices and biases.

How to Tell If Your Child Is Lying To You
Do you know what the warning signs are? Can you read your child’s body language? Here are some easy truth-seeking tips.


Articles from Teens:

How to Help Your Teen Manage Their Time
6 ways parents can help their teens develop and maintain time management skills that will prepare them for college and beyond.

BBF: My Bisexual Best Friends and Me
Why sexual orientation does not alter a friendship.

Why Teenagers Drink and Drive
How parents can warn their teens about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Parenting a Freshman vs. an Upperclassman – 8 Things Parents Should Know!
Knowing the differences between 9th and 12th grade can help you be a better parent to your teen throughout their high school years.

How do Cliques Impact the Lives of Teens?
How to help teens keep an open mind when it comes to social circles.

How do I Deal With my Jealous Teenager?
Helping your teen deal with jealousy toward siblings and friends as they gain their own sense of identity.


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